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6 places to buy smoothies around campus

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OCTOBER 07, 2014

1. Jamba Juice

Always a classic, Jamba Juice wins big points in our book because of its convenient location at Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue. Also, because it’s a chain, we’ve known our order by heart for years, so when we go in, all we have to do is decide the size and whether we’re going to splurge on a extra boost. The menu may have changed recently, adding several new green options, but you can still order any drink that isn’t listed anymore. With its wide variety of flavors and additional boosts, Jamba Juice may be the most convenient place around campus to fulfill your smoothie craving.

2. Raw Energy

Tucked away at 2050 Addison St., just past Shattuck Avenue for those walking down from campus, Raw Energy offers an enormous array of green, fruit and veggie-fruit smoothies. If you’re tired of the basic banana-strawberry, or if even kale-mango-peach sounds boring, you won’t be disappointed by its menu. It includes ginger-carrot-apple-beet and apple-peach-pineapple-date smoothies, as well as celery-chard-parsley-kale-cucumber juice. So if you’re interested in an every-fruit-and-veggie-combination-you-can-think-of smoothie, Raw Energy has got you covered. It also offers many different supplements and nondairy options. Prices range from $5-6.50.

3. Hummingbird Cafe and 4. Banana Sam’s Cafe

Half a block north of the intersection of Hearst and Euclid avenues sit two cafes operated by the same owner that serve what some have called the best smoothies in Berkeley. You’ll have to experience them for yourself to confirm. Each smoothie is carefully handcrafted by the owner, Jamal, and with prices ranging from $2-6, they can be hard to resist. Don’t forget that if you go in on a Monday, Hummingbird Cafe will give you a 3 percent discount for every touchdown we scored the previous weekend.

5.  Juice Appeal

At 150 Berkeley Sq., where Shattuck Avenue splits in two, Juice Appeal offers smoothies for $4 and less. Its menu includes smoothies categorized into berry delights, tropical paradises, citrus cravings, organic veggie blends and special selections, which range from the cherry zinger to the mocha cooler. If you’re looking for a quick, healthy meal, these smoothies will definitely meet your needs. And remember, acai is pronounced ah-sigh-ee.

6. Pipeline Coffee Co.

Unlike the other smoothie places around campus, this recently opened cafe on the corner of Durant Avenue and Fulton Street offers both smoothies and tables to drink them at while studying. Its menu may not include any green smoothie options, but its prices are low — a drink can be $5. Also, if a smoothie alone isn’t filling enough for you, the cafe offers a lunch special of a smoothie and sandwich for $8.50.

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OCTOBER 07, 2014