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How to be the most annoying person in your class

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OCTOBER 07, 2014

Do you want everyone in your class to quietly groan when you raise your hand to ask a question? If the answer is yes, check out the tips below to become the most annoying person in your class. Conversely, you can avoid doing all of the below and remain a beloved classmate.

1. Ask questions that aren’t really questions


Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mind people asking questions in lecture. In fact, it’s fantastic when people ask the questions we are too shy to ask ourselves. But when someone asks, “So you’re saying you shift the demand curve to the right when demand increases?” after the professor says something like, “You shift the demand curve to the right when demand increases,” we have to cringe.

2. Sit in the edge seat when the entire row is empty


We can’t deny the convenience of the edge seat — there’s extra legroom and easy access in and out, and you’re not being squished between two people. But nothing is more annoying than arriving to class and having every edge seat taken with all the in-between seats empty. Everyone will curse you as they trip over your backpack while trying to get to the middle seats.

3. Use the desk next to you as your personal coffee table


We understand that there isn’t enough space for all your stuff on your desk but that doesn’t mean you can just usurp the desk next to you, especially in a crowded classroom. If you’re feeling frisky, try using the desks on both sides of you — it’s almost like having an edge seat.

4. Make office hours your private tutoring session


When you’re not trying to engage in a private conversation during lecture, you’re in your private tutoring session, also known as office hours. Somehow, you’ve missed the memo that these exist for all 300 students in the class, and you use this time to tell the professor all about your previous experience in the subject. If you’re worried about keeping up your reputation when other students are there, make sure you don’t allow anyone else to get a question in while you read off the 20 you wrote down.

5. Eat crunchy food


“Today we are going to talk about the —”


Wait … what did the professor say? Congratulations. You and your bag of chips have ensured that no one has any idea as to what is happening in lecture today. It doesn’t have to be chips — apples or anything with a crinkly wrapper will do the trick.

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OCTOBER 07, 2014