Man battered Monday night inside UCafe

Ariel D. Hayat/Staff

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A man was struck in the head inside UCafe on Durant Avenue on Monday night, police said.

The man, whose affiliation with the campus is unknown, was struck in the head with an object that looked similar to a tire iron.

Berkeley Police Department officer Byron White said police did not know the extent of his injuries and he was transported to Highland Hospital in Oakland for treatment.

BPD officers responded to the report about 8:20 p.m. and arrived on scene to investigate. No arrests had been made as of Tuesday afternoon.

Police said it is possible the man knew his alleged attacker and the incident appears to be an isolated one.

Pranay Chaurasia, a UC Berkeley freshman, was walking to the Unit 1 residence hall when he witnessed the incident. Chaurasia said he saw two men running toward him on the sidewalk of Durant Avenue from Bowditch Street.

One man was chasing another with an object that looked like a cane or a crowbar while shouting and accusing him of stealing his wallet, he said. The two men ran into UCafe, where the alleged assault took place.

“The guy with the cane goes in, and he starts beating him with this crowbar,” Chaurasia said, adding that the attack lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds. “He was on the ground, and he seemed to be in a lot of pain. He had blood coming from his head.”

According to Chaurasia, the man with the object fled the scene before police arrived, running south on Bowditch Street. The man who fled appeared to be a white male in his late 20s who was bald, had tattoos on his chest and arms and stood approximately 5-foot-10 in height, he said.

In Berkeley, there were 45 aggravated assaults in the first half of this year, according to BPD’s 2014 midyear crime report. Last year, 60 aggravated assaults occurred within the same time period.

Police did not have further information regarding the incident as of Tuesday.

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