Campus clubs you can get involved in year-round

Arya Aliabadi/Staff

A thousand fliers met their deaths when you came home from Calapalooza on Sept. 3 and 4 and realized there was no way you could join all of those clubs. As the recycling bins filled with these crumbled, ripped and wholly neglected pieces of differently sized paper, your schedule got busier and busier, and the recruitment days flew past. Interviews were had; applications were due. And now, in October, you’ve realized you want something, anything, to distract you from the consistent presence of homework in your life. No need to worry. Many clubs recruit throughout the year, and here are some of your options!


This is an environmental group on campus that recently worked to prohibit the use of plastic bags in Berkeley and is now working on making solar panels more accessible and affordable and conserving water. Basically, they work on really good issues that affect us daily, and getting involved is easy — contribute when you can!

Cal Community Music

As a group that provides students and alumni with the opportunity to perform together at nursing homes, social event and just jam sessions, Cal Community Music welcomes everyone with any musical background. Simply attend jam sessions and other events when you can.

Paws and Claws

This organization has two branches — a volunteering branch and a fostering branch. You can either volunteer and help out at the Berkeley animal shelter or foster your own puppy or kitty! If you miss your pets at home, this is the perfect alternative for you.

Circle K

Circle K club is a great opportunity for you if you want to do general service projects. They have a variety of possibilities for you such as serving the homeless, tutoring children or environmental conservation projects. Involvement in said activities can also allow you to develop professional skills, too.

Cal Archery

This club allows students to pursue archery as both a recreational and competitive sport — it’s a lot of fun either way. You don’t need to have had any experience, and all equipment and instruction is provided. Shooting things is not only fun, but you can also pretend you’re Legolas or Katniss.

Kendo Club

A nonprofit organization, this club promotes Kendo, a Japanese sport focused on swordsmanship, and its philosophy. Students of all levels are able to join and participate in the training that aims to teach members discipline, integrity and respect. The club’s motto is, “The spirit of overcoming oneself,” so if that speaks to you, join this club.

Cal Origami

This club is exactly what it sounds like — you make origami with fellow origami-loving students. This isn’t only a destresser; it’s also a fun party trick to learn. People are sure to be enchanted by the perching parrot you’ll make out of your napkin!

Cal Japan Club

This club provides socializing opportunities for Japanese speakers. Fear not, though — all events are held in English, and speakers of any level are welcome. They also offer networking events for people who want to pursue careers in Japan after graduation.

Society of Women Engineers

This is a club where UC Berkeley’s female engineers meet and are encouraged and empowered to reach their goals. SWE would, however, like to make clear that not only women are allowed in — all genders are welcome. If that’s not incentive enough, they also offer free food at all their meetings.

ASUC Sustainability Team

This is an environment club on campus sponsored by the ASUC that aims to make the campus more sustainable. Through projects such as Earth Week, One Side Clean and FLOW, they are trying to reach their goal of zero waste by 2020. Everyone is welcome to help in the endeavor!

UC Berkeley Chinese Student Association

This association is one of the largest and most active organizations on campus today. Through promotion of the interests and awareness of Chinese culture, CSA functions as a means of social engagement. Some events they put on include ski trips, game nights, the Moon Festival night market and Lunar New Year banquet.

There you have it: a very small compilation of the many organizations and clubs on campus you could get involved with at any point in time, from the middle of November to April 1. So whether you want to attend to puppies or fold beautiful paper dragons, there are many opportunities for you available!

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