Food for your TV mood

Eating a delicious meal while watching a great TV show is one of the simple pleasures in life. The two are inextricably linked — in fact, one can make or break the other. To save you any future food vs. TV troubles, here is a list of the perfect snacks to pair with every one of your favorite show.

‘Game of Thrones’: Steak/Cheese Steak


There’s a certain viciousness to Game of Thrones that makes you just want to dig into the action. So while looking for your own version of twisted, beheading-filled Stark family fun may not be the best decision, get some of that pent-up aggression out by cutting into a rare, juicy steak. Because Berkeley is not prime (rib) location for juicy red meats, we highly suggest getting a cheesesteak! A Philly one perhaps? We suggest the Cheese Steak Shop.

‘Scandal’: Ice cream


The heart-pumping scenes of Scandal are sure to keep you on a roller coaster of emotions throughout. Who can handle murders, sex and … scandal, all jam-packed into just one hour? So when the Olivia-Fitz-Jake triangle starts to hurt too much, dig into a gigantic pint of Ben & Jerry’s or go grab a pint from Ici. Ice cream won’t judge you when you rage at Quinn’s poor decision-making. Ice cream won’t judge you when you start to sob. Ice cream understands.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: Kid snacks


Jake Peralta of Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t necessarily have the healthiest diet or the most mature attitude. Watching the show can be a little bit like stepping back into middle school: Jake, the class clown; Gina, the residential bully; Amy, the goody two-shoes; and Captain Holt, the stern teacher guiding them all. So bring out your lunchbox and eat like you’ve just started the fourth grade. Grab a bowl of Lucky Charms, a PB&J sandwich, Lunchables and a big bowl of your favorite candy and prepare to laugh your heart out.

‘Top Chef’s’ next season: New England-themed dishes


Watching any cooking competition show is going to make you hungry, so you’ll probably want a feast. The upcoming season is going to be set in Boston, so find some New England-themed dishes — clam-chowder, lobster, Dunkin’ Donuts — and enviously watch these chefs compete to becoming America’s next Top Chef. This will allow you to break from the “I can only live vicariously through these judges on the show” mode and get rid of all that jealousy!

‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’: sushi and chocolate


What do you eat as you witness the lives of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe … Ken, Katherine, Kandy … ? Yeah, we just made those last three up, but the show will make life seem a little more plain, even if you probably are a little more grounded in reality. Still, add some sophistication to your Kardashian binge watch with some sushi and gourmet chocolate. And if you can’t afford five-star restaurant sushi or gourmet chocolate, just grab some sushi from [email protected] — which is still pretty yummy — or a jar of Nutella. We’d like to think that’s a pleasant alternative.

‘Law & Order: SVU’: just don’t


Every crime show can have some gory, gag-worthy dead bodies and disturbing crime scenes, so you don’t want to eat anything that could remotely upset your stomach. Stick to something a little more solid like a bowl of rice. Just avoid anything red. Or anything that looks like an organ. Or a limb. OK, so maybe food’s not a good idea after all.

Images Sources: Featured Image, Yuichi Sakuraba, Eric PeacockMike MozartKate Hopkins, Evan, Zach under Creative Commons

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