The Kids in Japan Don’t Fuck Anymore.

Lynn Tsai/Staff

I read online that the kids in Japan don’t fuck


a sign of the times

virtual porn, anime, robots, but skin

to skin touch

is feared almost as much as intimacy.


Here lies the intricacy

that fearing to fuck

grew from fearing the touch

of your mother’s hand more

and more. Her strokes would sting

after all that time.


And I still need a shit ton of wine

even after a four month history

of this messy on and on fling

to let you hold me or fuck

me once more

without flinching your touch .


I haven’t felt touched

or moved in a while. Reading the Times

clicking next or like. More and more

the same sad stories

shrugging them off, not giving a fuck,

a fly braising my skin.


I did like licking your shins

and how you’d touch

well tickle, my thighs… “What the fuck

are you doing?” I’d joke every time

just a taste of intimacy

but no more.


The idea more

and more doesn’t get under my skin

living entirely virtually

without even a touch

of physicality, without wine

without having to fuck


or touch

any more.

Like those thick skinned

productive Japanese

behind their screens all the time

not giving birth, not giving a fuck.