11 stages of succumbing to a TV addiction when you have work to do

We all have that guilty pleasure that seems to make the stress of being a college student melt away. Maybe it’s a tub of ice cream and a shovel-proportioned spoon. Maybe it’s a nice, long soak in the shower with some fragrant soap. Or maybe it’s your favorite TV show.

Personally, we at the Clog have been fangirling and fanboying over the new season of American Horror Story. But hey, maybe the fear factor of Twisty the Clown will keep us awake long enough to finish our work … or it could make us imagine that in every shadow of our apartment lurks said clown waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Either way, we can’t wait to discover what Twisty is up to next.

Catching up on your favorite TV show can be a great way to take away from the stress bubbling up inside of you. But then again, it can also fall into a whole other category of stress itself: trying to finish all the work you’ve got hanging over your head before tuning in to the next episode. That’s why we at the Clog have outlined the stages of succumbing to your favorite TV addiction.

1. You’re making a mental check list of all the assignments you have to do when the thought pops into your head that another episode of your favorite TV show is being released today.




2. You’re filled with excitement that you can stream it online thanks to your TV provider.


3. After examining the stack of paper in front of you, however, your excitement turns to despair at the sheer volume of work you have to get done.


4. “No matter,” you declare. “I’ll just create a study schedule and stick to it, leaving me plenty of time to watch my show.”


5. You get to work planning time for your problem sets, essays and other assignments and start off the gargantuan task ahead of you. You are the model of efficiency. 


 6. After some time, however, your mind starts to drift to your favorite character. “I wonder what _____ and his beautiful biceps will be up to on this episode,” you think to yourself.


7. You catch yourself being distracted and snap back to focus, albeit with a lessened level of efficiency than you had before. 


8. After a while, you start to notice that at the rate you’re going, you’ll never be able to finish your work in time for your show. So you ramp up production.


9. As the minutes and seconds tick down to the episode premiere time, you’re filled with more and more panic as you’re scrambling to complete the assignments in front of you. “It’s starting!” you shriek in a frenzied state. 


10. As you examine the insurmountable stack of books and papers on the desk in front of you, you come to the realization that you’re never going to be able to vanquish this beast in time. “How many times have I been told not to procrastinate?” you think to yourself. “Yet, here I am.”


11. “#%@$ it,” you say with a sigh as you resolve to give into your guilty pleasure. “I needed a break anyway.” You settle into your warm nest of pillows and blankets with your laptop perched on your knees and a contented grin on your face. 


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