Quiz: How prepared are you for midterms?

Desiree Diaz/File

It’s midterm season! Concerned about whether you’re doing enough to be successful in your classes? Take our quiz to find out if you need to step it up.

  1. Do you procrastinate?
    1. Never.
    2. No more then the average person.
    3. A little more than the average person.
    4. YES! If there were a degree in the art of procrastination I would have it!
  2. How often do you study outside class?
    1. All the time.
    2. I study when I need to.
    3. I should probably study more.
    4. I prefer not to study outside class.
  3. Do you find the classes you are taking interesting? Do you connect with the material or talk about it with friends or classmates later on?
    1. I breathe, eat and live my classes. I’m super passionate about them!
    2. I enjoy both school and what I am learning.
    3. My classes are kind of boring this semester.
    4. I’m only here to get my degree; my classes don’t need to be interesting.
  4. How many hours of sleep do you get on a regular basis?
    1. 7 to 9
    2. 5 to 6
    3. 10+
    4. 4 or fewer
  5. How often do you take notes to help you with the material learned in class and discussion?
    1. Every lecture/discussion, and I review them on a daily basis
    2. Most lectures/discussions, but I don’t feel it’s always necessary
    3. Sometimes I do; sometimes I don’t. It depends on my mood.
    4. Never!
  6. Do you go to office hours or study groups?
    1. I attend all office hours and/or study groups.
    2. I attend as many as my schedule allows.
    3. I attend them sometimes.
    4. Wait, people go to office hours?
  7. How organized are you?
    1. I have OCD when it comes to organization.
    2. I consider myself a very organized person.
    3. I could use a little work, but I’m still organized.
    4. I’m messy and proud!
  8. How often do you complete your homework?
    1. It’s always done on time.
    2. I’ve missed a couple of assignments.
    3. I’ve missed a lot of assignments.
    4. Wait, we have homework?
  9. How often do you attend lecture?
    1. I’ve never missed a lecture.
    2. I’ve attended almost all lectures.
    3. I’ve missed more times then I can count.
    4. I stopped attending once I realized they don’t take role.
  10. Do you take care of your health? (exercise, eat healthy, destress, etc.)
    1. Yes! My health is a top priority.
    2. As much as the average person
    3. Not really
    4. I live off junk food! Hey, we’re only young once, right?
    1. A+. You are the student we all aspire to be. Keep being amazing, but don’t forget to have fun! Berkeley is more than just a school: It is an experience. Ways to relax include going on a hike on the fire trails, going swimming at Strawberry Canyon Pool or just hanging out with friends! You got this, so go reward yourself — after midterms, of course.
    2. You are doing well! So you may not get 100% on every exam, but you still put forth your best effort. Life isn’t about being perfect, but you already knew that. Keep doing what you are doing, and don’t stress out about the small stuff.
    3. You will probably pass your classes (yay!), but there is room for improvement. Do you enjoy the classes you are taking? Do you look for help when you need it? If not, try reconsidering how to make school more enjoyable, and reach out to people if you need help.
    4. Oh no! Things are looking really shaky! You may need to change your habits if you want to pass your midterms and classes. Going to lecture, taking notes and being involved will help you throughout your academic career. Some resources that can help you include SLC tutoring, RSF classes and more.

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