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10 signs you ran the Nike Women's Half Marathon

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OCTOBER 24, 2014

Congratulations on conquering the 13.1-mile run! The Nike Women’s Half Marathon happens every October in San Francisco. On Sunday, more than 25,000 runners took to the hilly course through the city by storm, racing to the finish line and dressed in neon colors with their minds set on three things: finishing, a Tiffany’s necklace and dreamy firemen. Here’s a little bit of the aftermath:

1. Walking was a struggle Monday morning 

You waddled like a penguin for three days. Your hamstrings and quadriceps did not thank you. They burned for two — maybe three — straight days and reminded you why you should have trained for the race. The hill at mile 10 was no joke.

2. You got more than 100 Instagram likes on your finish-line photo …

and you posted the photo before all of your friends were awake. You woke up at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday and started running at 6:30 a.m., when all of Berkeley was still asleep, but San Francisco heard your roar.

3. Every set of stairs felt this long


Stairs were your worst enemy Tuesday. Climbing up the three flights of stairs to your bedroom was fine. It was slow, but it was not too painful. Going down the stairs was a whole different story. “Ow,” “ouch” and “holy heck” were a repetitive part of your vocabulary.

4. You have a new, shiny, pretty necklace

Courtesy/Charlotte Cooper

You haven’t taken off your new Tiffany’s pendant since you crossed the finish line and took a picture with the handsome firemen. You’re damn proud and have every right to be! Running 13.1 miles is not an easy feat!

5. You’re still craving the orange slice from mile five

The orange trays at the mile-five fuel station gave you hope for a brighter and sweeter future. You’re salivating as you read this because it was just that good.

6. You’ve been dreaming of firemen in tuxedos for five nights straight

Courtesy/Katie Chang

You can’t get over them. Their beauty, tuxedos, smiles, tuxedos, sunglasses, tuxedos, fresh-shaven faces! Pinch us — was it actually real life? Waiting 30 minutes to take a photo was totally worth it.

7.  You purchased a new pair of Nike shoes…

with the $20 gift card that was in your swag bag. How nice of Nike to encourage your online shopping habits.

8. You despise the foam roller

Although you realize that it is necessary, you can’t get yourself to roll out your tight IT bands, glutes and hamstrings. It was just way too painful.

9. You walked away with pretty awesome swag

Courtesy/Rebecca Ouligian

You can’t say no to freebies — especially when they come in the form of Neutrogena products, Luna Bars, Whole Foods treats, and really expensive juice.

10. You’ve already convinced five of your friends to run the race with you next year

Your high energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Nike is on to something here … You feel the need to “woot” when you hear the words “Nike Women’s Half Marathon” and “We Run SF.” Woot! You’re proud of your accomplishment and have every right to be! The Nike Women’s Half Marathon is on most runners’ bucket lists, and you get automatic entry because you’re a college student. Take advantage of the fact that you only have four years to experience the race before you have to pay full price and enter the lottery system.

Images Sources: John Weiss under Creative Commons 

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OCTOBER 23, 2014