5 ways to amp up your run

Bored of routine? Not seeing results? Sometimes, the 3-to-4 miler just does not make the cut. Spice up your run with these five tips to make you a faster and stronger runner!

1. Take it to the track


The track is a playground to explore new ways to increase your speed and agility. Here are a few ground rules:

  • One lap equals one-fourth of a mile
  • Always run counterclockwise
  • Try to stay on the inside of the track
  • When you hear someone yell “track,” move out of their lane, or you will get run over

Get started with these two track workouts:

  • Run the straights (alongside the field) as fast as you can, then walk the curves
  • Run three laps at your fastest ability, walk the fourth, and repeat.

Utilize the bleachers at the track, too. Running bleachers and stairs is heaven (or hell) to your gluteus maximus.

  • Run up and down the same set of stairs and move on to the next set
  • Run up a set of bleachers and run across the top to the next set of stairs, run down that set, and move on to conquer the next upward climb.

2. Revamp your playlist

If you listen to music when you run, you understand when we say “Bye, Bye, Bye” — although it’s a classic — just is not cutting it anymore. Download a few new songs to revamp your playlist and hit the pavement strong. Jamming out to a favorite song can increase your speed and decrease your boredom while on the run.

3. Hill repeats 


Look out for that … hill! Find a hill on campus (like the one from Valley Life Sciences Building to the Campanile) or in a residential area that challenges you. Start at the bottom, and sprint to the top. Walk or slowly jog down the hill to protect your knees, catch your breath, and repeat up to 10 times for optimal results.

4. Make it a date

Invite your friend or crush to a running date. Running is more fun with another person. Use the time to catch up, get to know each other,and work up a sweat! Don’t make it a race — unless your friend is competitive. Take the time to enjoy being outdoors with a familiar face.

5. Stop, drop and squat


Red light messing with your pace? The lag time is an opportune moment to stop, drop and mountain-climb. Burn more calories while keeping your heart rate up. Throw in a cross-training move while you wait for the walk (run) sign to turn on.

Here are a few moves to add in:

  • Jumping reverse lunches
  • Mountain climbers
  • High knees
  • Squats
  • Stretch out tight muscles

We hope our tips to amp up your run help you take to the pavement with a whole new perspective!

Image Sources: deerocor, charleschen,Vincent Ge under Creative Commons

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