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Fashion Fridays: Back to the '90s

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OCTOBER 24, 2014

It’s been building buzz for the past few seasons, but the ’90s revival, led by New York designers such as Alexander Wang, has kicked into full swing this autumn. You’ll find the sartorial legacies of Generation X everywhere in Manhattan, on the runway and on our very own UC Berkeley campus. Students have fallen for retro pieces such as light-washed denim, minimalist sportswear, Birkenstocks, sandals and trainers. Take a look at how UC Berkeley kids are getting on the ’90s throwback train and other kinds of fashion inspiration on this week’s Fashion Fridays.


Fashion Fridays (10 of 1)

Savannah Hourser

Style: “Today’s more black and white, minimalist. Other days, it’s just crazy.”


Detail (1 of 1)

DC: “Is Moschino your favorite brand?”

Savannah: “No, but I love Kenzo!”


Fashion Fridays (6 of 1)

Gabby Padiernos

Inspiration: “Minimalism. Alexander Wang is my favorite. Rest in peace Oscar De La Renta!”


Fashion Fridays (8 of 1)

Kafka Xu

Style: “I like skinny jeans and the loafers.”


Fashion Fridays (9 of 1)

Sophia Fish

Style: “Very ’90s. I pay particular attention to fabrics. That’s what I base my outfits on — denim, leather, fur, suede. Different textures.”


Fashion Fridays (11 of 1)

Kate Karwitz

Inspiration: “Right now I am inspired by substitute teachers and Swedish people. I am transitioning from my Korean airport phase.”


Fashion Fridays (12 of 1)

Blair Dishon

Fall Fashion Tip: “Layer socks over tights to add texture to an outfit.”


Fashion Fridays (13 of 1)

Luis Jaggy

Style: “Style? Not really. I have nothing for you on that.”

Jason Chen covers fashion. Contact him at [email protected].

OCTOBER 26, 2014

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