Fire breaks out in RSF laundry room Saturday morning

J. Hannah Lee/File
Hannah Lee/File

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Berkeley Fire Department responded to a fire in the Recreational Sports Facility’s laundry room early Saturday morning.

The fire started in a clothes dryer in the basement of Haas Pavilion and then spread to a nearby cart, activating the sprinkler system, according to Berkeley Fire Department Deputy Chief Avery Webb. Webb said the incident was reported as a water flow alarm, meaning that the concern was about damage from water, not fire.

While firefighters received a call about the incident at 3:02 a.m., it had already been put out by the time they arrived, according to Webb. Water was still flowing, and firefighters shut down the sprinkler system.

There were no injuries, and crews are working to soak up the water in the hallway, according to an email from the RSF. Access to lockers rooms has been routed around the outside of the RSF until water is soaked up, but showers are working.

The RSF remained open Saturday, but the Wellness Center was closed due to water damage, and Saturday massage appointments were canceled. All other programs will continue as scheduled. Because of damage to the laundry room, the RSF has been unable to supply towels.

The RSF declined to comment on the incident.

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