Oski never looked better: a list of embarrassing college mascots

Less than a month ago, our dear Oski turned 73 years old. In honor of our favorite bear’s birthday, the Clog has put together a list of some of the country’s worst mascots. Nothing makes us more appreciative of being part of a bear pack than seeing how things could have gone wrong. Enjoy!

1. Extremely innocent animals

If your school mascot is an animal, you want it to be an animal that puts you in fighting mode. After all, sports are competitive — you either win, or you lose.

The Oregon Duck — University of Oregon


Speedy the Geoduck — Evergreen State College


Lulu — Gardner-Webb University


Sammy the Slug — UC Santa Cruz


2. Creepy Humans

A human in a stuffy human suit is doomed to be creepy. It’s sort of OK when animals have only one facial expression … It’s not OK when it’s a human.

The Friar — Providence College


Norm the Niner — University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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Sparty — Michigan State University

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3. Edible creatures

In Clog’s opinion, this is the best — or worst — category! Seriously, what’s up with having your salad getting you pumped up for the game? Or what do you think about an anthropomorphic shock of wheat for a mascot? Yep, that’s what we thought too.

Cayenne (pepper) — University of Louisiana at Lafayette 


Oakie (acorn) — State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry


Otto the Orange — Syracuse University 


Artie the Fighting Artichoke — Scottsdale Community College


WuShock (wheat) — Wichita State University 


Brutus Buckeye (nut) — Ohio State University 


4. Miscellaneous 

The mascots that fell under this category unfortunately didn’t belong anywhere else. One example of this is obviously the Stanford Tree. You might have heard the story about the epic battle between the tree and Oski in which the tree, out of nowhere, attacks our dear golden bear. Even if you haven’t, you can probably figure out how that went. Come on, bears could eat trees for breakfast.

The Tree — Stanford University (unofficial) 


Boilermaker Special — Purdue University


Eutectic (the scientific process of two solids being combined to form a liquid) — St. Louis College of Pharmacy 


Keggy the Keg — Darthmouth College (unofficial) 


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