#FREELIFE in support of Camp Kesem Berkeley

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Six months ago, Los Angeles-based DJ duo Rob May and Ian Macpherson, known best by their stage name the Bixel Boys, launched a campaign that would inspire thousands to donate to a Berkeley organization called Camp Kesem. The Bixel Boys created a jersey with the hashtag #FREELIFE emblazoned across the chest, which, according to their website, stands for self-expression and “living free.”

In order to impart a deeper meaning and “social” demand, the Bixel Boys created only 50 jerseys, which were given to larger-than-life pop culture icons such as Skrillex, Dillon Francis and Lil Jon.

In early October, however, the Bixel Boys decided to sell their #FREELIFE jersey on their website for the very first time. Their idea? They would sell their jersey for three weeks, with sales ending on October 23, and then never again. All profits would go to Camp Kesem Berkeley.

Camp Kesem is a nonprofit, student-run organization that provides a free week of summer camp to children whose parents are suffering from cancer. A week at Camp Kesem is an opportunity for the children to have fun and live like other children without worry or stress. The camp counselors organize fun outdoor activities including sports, arts and crafts, while providing the emotional support the children need to cope with the difficult reality at home.

UC Berkeley junior Charlotte Runzel helped organize the fundraiser with her older brother Will Runzel, who works with the Bixel Boys. “It gives the kids opportunity to just be kids for a week,” said Charlotte, who works as team operations coordinator for Camp Kesem and has been with the organization since her freshman year at UC Berkeley.

At the end of the three weeks, the campaign sold a total of 2,800 #FREELIFE jerseys at $35 a piece, grossing $98,000. The total net profit is estimated to be upward of $25,000, which will go completely to Camp Kesem.

The money earned will go to supporting the camp, training camp counselors and continued outreach to and support for families impacted by cancer.

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