Coolest places on campus to throw a Halloween party

Desiree Diaz/Staff

With Halloween coming up in only a couple of days, we bet you’ve been sitting in the North Reading Room, attempting to study for midterms, thinking, “This would be an awesome place to throw a Halloween party.” Well, that’s weird — that’s exactly what we were thinking! So we put together a list of six awesome places on campus where we would love to attend a Halloween party.

1. The “Conjured” Campanile

Ta inn hele skjermen 27.10.2014 182345.bmp

Desiree Diaz/Staff

So this might not be the most convenient location to throw a party, but then again, how cool would it be? We think just saying you had a party at the Campanile would compensate for its lack of convenience. Having a party in the third-tallest bell-and-clock tower in the world would put just the right amount of height fright into a spooky night. There are six U-shaped floors that are usually closed to the public, but at our fantasy Halloween party, they would obviously be open to the party guests — at least, the three that are not stocked with six tons of skeletons … animal skeletons, that is. With this in mind, along with the fact that there are only 24 windows to let in light, we rest our case.

2. North “Nightmare” Reading Room

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Desiree Diaz/Staff

Replace your physics book and laptop with cotton-ball cobwebs on the bookshelves and Bloody Mary drinks served at the “book bar” in the middle of the reading room. The old, majestic feeling in the room makes for an impeccable atmosphere. All the tables are perfect to sit around to drink, sing and chat just so we can experience this quiet room as NOT quiet for once. The scariest part of the place, we think, is the looming thought of stressful exams that has lingered in the room for decades. Our hearts are already racing …

3. Dwinelle “Doomed” Hall

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Desiree Diaz/Staff

Studying the logic of the construction of this “freshman maze” could be its own major at UC Berkeley. Those of you who have recently seen “The Maze Runner” in theaters could probably relate to some frustrating hours trying to find your way in Dwinelle. But did you ever think about how cool it would be to have a scavenger hunt in this jungle of a building? Imagine dimmed lights, Halloween decorations and some creepy music. We at the Clog think that would give the maze a new and fun function.

4. Main “Mysterious” Stacks

Ta inn hele skjermen 27.10.2014 182256.bmp

Desiree Diaz/Staff

Like the name of the new nightclub in Downtown Berkeley, let’s have an “underground” party! There’s something very captivating about a four-story underground construction consisting of 52 miles of bookshelves. Put some purple lights and cobwebs on the circular staircase, and let’s play hide-and-seek among the bookshelves.

5. South “Scream” Hall

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Desiree Diaz/Staff

Being the oldest building on campus and also the only remaining one from the original campus, South Hall must have some spook in its walls. If the founding fathers of the campus are haunting it, we bet South Hall is the place where they feel most at home. The spacious (and haunted) halls and the majestic staircases will take you right back to the 19th century.

6. Bowles “Bloody” Hall

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Desiree Diaz/Staff

With its haunted, Hogwarts-like facade and long history of old traditions and rituals, we’re thinking the oldest residence hall connected to campus must offer both a lot of spook and a lot of fun for Halloween. And guess what? It does. As the only venue on this list, Bowles Hall is actually running its annual haunted house (which will also be its last, as this is the last year Bowles will be a residence hall). So if you want to be scared to tears, you know where to go.

Happy Halloween!

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