How to deal with Halloween withdrawal

Here at the Clog, we don’t know how to deal with the end of Halloween. We haven’t gotten our fix of weird costumes, candy and tacky scary movies yet — we just want more time! We admit that we might not be the experts on dealing with Halloween withdrawal, but here are a few tips we’ve come up with to tide you over until Christmas.

1. Buy day-old candy from Walgreens.


Who says candy is just for Halloween? Go to Walgreens and buy a huge bag of leftover candy to drown your post-Halloween sorrows. Walgreens candy is cheaper and more plentiful than it will ever be, and it’ll give you your fix of chocolate to sob into. We see no downsides to this situation.

2. Try on your costume again.


Wouldn’t cooking dinner be more fun as a Jedi? Wouldn’t cleaning the bathtub be more fun as a mime? We at the Clog wholeheartedly believe that the phrase “all dressed up with nowhere to go” is a lie. Your apartment is a destination, and as such, it’s a completely legitimate place to wear your costume. Just try not to freak out your roommates.

3. Brainstorm “sexy” versions of normal objects.


You have to stay on top of the ball for next Halloween, which means you should already be planning your next costume. Brainstorm sexy costumes out of normal household objects to make sure you have an unwieldy list of costume options next Halloween. Sexy lamp? I’m sure no one has tried that before.

4. Scare people on the street.


Just because Halloween is technically over doesn’t mean it has to be over for you — or the people you run into on the street. Think about it: It’s the perfect con. Everyone is expecting to be scared on Halloween, but nobody expects to be scared on the Thursday after. You’ll go down as a legend, although we can’t guarantee it will be in a good way.

5. Get a head start on Christmas.


Let’s be real: We all know that Walgreens was trying to market Christmas before Halloween was even over. If they can get over Halloween, so can you. Buy as many tinsel-covered objects as you can and place them all over your apartment. Halloween will be  nothing more than a distant memory in no time!

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