Deviant Dream

Irene Chen/Staff

Deviant Dream: intellegencia queen

Light, she is prone of it, she is immune to it.

It drowns upon the faces of everyone else but she-
But she — a deviant being, a socially deviant being.

She done learnt to survive — cockroach ass human being!
The light reject her because white is the only good thing think to be good to be seen.
she is the horrific image of my mentally manifested masterpiece:


For her, things like gender and sexuality are learned to become unseen.
Through my eyes and, I beg, through the eyes of every other being;
to become unseen is only but my dark twistedest dream.

She just a mother-loving deviant dream, another other kind of intellegencia queen,
In more ways than could go seen.

Non-King of my heart, goddess of my being, ever unattainable dream.