Thank you, post-midterm nap, for everything you do for us

Congratulations. You’ve just completed your midterm. After weeks or days or — let’s be real — hours of prepping for this daunting task, you have come out alive.

After putting away your writing utensils, you make a beeline for the exit. You race through the door whooping, “IT’S OVER!” with fists in the air.

As you step outside, you begin to notice that the effects of days and days of sleeplessness have latched onto your body, suspended from your drooping eyelids and knotted into you matted hair. “Ugh,” you mutter when you catch your reflection on a window pane, recoiling at the feral creature who looks back at you.

You deserve a gargantuan hurrah for the amount of effort you put into studying for that damn midterm. You deserve to be knighted for your tremendous defeat of the demon that was your midterm. You deserve a nap.

As you walk home, your thoughts shift toward the warm embrace of sleep, which has the power to comfort and revitalize your worn-out body and mind. When you finally reach your room, you manage to kick off your shoes and absentmindedly strip down to your undergarments before worming into the unmade heap of blankets on your bed and falling asleep instantaneously.

And what a sleep it is.

It’s an unencumbered sleep that cares not whether you have lectures to attend or chores to do, keeping you under its spell for beautiful eternities.

It’s a reviving sleep that breathes life back into your starved cells and courses a river of health and energy through your veins.

It’s a deep sleep that cannot be shaken by any disturbance, whether it’s a troupe of fire trucks passing by on the street outside or your roommate blasting whatever top-40 song has become his or her new personal anthem.

And what an effect it has.

The post-midterm sleep has the power to awaken a thousand butterflies that once laid dormant in your cold, dead soul.

Where the chimes of the Campanile once seemed like an incessant barrage of  discordant noises comparable to television static, police sirens or nails on a chalkboard, they now transform into Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan and Elton John serenading you directly.

Where you once felt caged into the gray, prison cell-like classrooms of Dwinelle, you now delight in the incandescent light pouring through the windows.

Where you once scowled and hissed like a captive animal prodded with a stick at those who tried interacting with you, you now draw all who pass into a wholesome embrace.

The postmidterm nap has the power to revive individuals ravaged by the brutality of exams, and we are forever indebted to it for restoring our sanity. Our sincerest thanks to you, PMN.


Your biggest fans, UC Berkeley students

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