Fashion Fridays: Halloween Edition

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UC Berkeley often talks about diversity, but there’s one day every year when the assortment of students is beyond belief. If you catch Edward Scissorhands in your Friday discussion, or Kermit the Frog at GBC, don’t freak out — it’s just Halloween!

While most students waited for their night festivities to bust out the costumes, some braved the rain and brought their Halloween A-game during the day, livening up UC Berkeley’s holiday spirit. Onesies were particularly in vogue for Halloween 2014. Students spun the trend in all sorts of ways — as forest critters, cartoon characters and even superheroes. It’s an easy-to-wear piece that completely immerses you in your character. Halloween may be over, but check out how UC Berkeley’s best-dressed students worked their onesies and other ensembles, in case you need some inspiration for Halloween 2015.


















Stephanie de Leon & Sarahi Torres (Left to Right)

 Costume: “Edward Scissorhands and Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.”



 Shannon Davis

Costume: “Squirrel.”



David Bloom

Costume: “Owl.”



Sarah Wang & Jaelen Upchurch (Left to Right)

Costumes: “Wendy and Peter Pan.”



 Ryan Schlendel

Costume: “Scooby Doo!”



Ian Bullitt

Costume: “Kermit the Frog.”



Annalise Hurst

Costume: “It’s just made up. It’s African inspired. They asked me to make an African mask in a class. This is what I came up with.”



Francesca La Brecque

Costume: “Amelia Earhart.”



 Stephanie Bahr

Costume: “Captain America! I’m a GSI in the English Department, and Captain America is one of the only Marvel superheroes who isn’t a science-technology person. He was an artist/illustrator during the Civil War before he was a superhero. In one scene in the Marvels universe, in which he fights Tony Stark, Captain America talks a lot about philosophy and art while Tony Stark is all math, math, math. Some graduate students in the English Department’s Chernin Program decided that Captain America is the official superhero of the humanities. Captain America and Tony Stark shouldn’t fight —they should work together! So that’s a little backstory behind this costume.”

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