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The quest for the best breakfast burrito near campus

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NOVEMBER 10, 2014

During my last three years at UC Berkeley, I have spent my time — like many other college students — hunting for knowledge. From listening to lectures on plant physiology to talks on the driving forces behind climate change to seminars on Egyptian history, I have acquired more new information than I had ever anticipated. One particular quest for knowledge has proved particularly worthwhile, because while it has consumed much of my time and money, it has also proved fulfilling and, well, just plain filling. This quest has been my search for the best breakfast burrito near campus.

To me, a good breakfast burrito must be filling, delicious and cheap. Also, depending on your preferences, it should be based in either rice or potatoes in addition to eggs. Lastly, it should last for two meals, unless you have a truly expansive appetite. My quest has concluded in a three-way tie between the delicious Caffe Mediterraneum, Fresco Mexican Grill and Julie’s Cafe, all of which offer selections that cost fewer than five dollars.

Caffe Mediterraneum, located on Telegraph Avenue between Haste Street and Dwight Way, offers three breakfast burritos: the Veggie, the Denver and the Bacon. Each enormous burrito includes Spanish rice, black beans, onions, bell peppers and cheese. Although it is not on their menu, they will substitute homefries for rice, if you ask. Fresco Mexican Grill, located on Shattuck Avenue between Center Street and Allston Way, also advertises veggie, bacon or sausage and cheese breakfast burritos that include Spanish rice and beans. Also, being that it is a Mexican restaurant, you may choose to add in any number of toppings they offer, including various salsas, jalapenos, guacamoles and meats. Unlike Caffe Mediterraneum, however, which serves breakfast burritos all day, Fresco only makes them until noon. Julie’s Cafe, located on Bancroft Way between Bowditch Street and Telegraph Avenue, sells one type of breakfast burrito, which — unlike the previous two — includes potatoes rather than rice as well as beans, eggs, cheese and salsa.

During my hunt, I have eaten breakfast burritos from many other restaurants on and around campus. The Sunny Side Cafe, on Oxford Street between Center Street and Allston Way, makes a tasty breakfast burrito with homefries, black beans, salsa and eggs. While huge, the burrito is significantly more expensive than my favorites. This is a great option if you are looking for a place to sit down for brunch with your friends rather than eat a quick and filling meal before your morning class.

Whether this last one truly qualifies as a breakfast burrito is up for debate. Can it be a burrito if there are no beans or rice? Northside Cafe’s breakfast wraps have neither of these ingredients — instead they are based only in egg, potato and salsa. But there are more varieties of wraps here than of breakfast burritos at the other restaurant. You may choose from cheese, ham, bacon, Polish sausage, chicken-apple sausage or egg whites with veggies. All are extremely good.

My quest has left me very satisfied with the knowledge that whichever side of campus I may be on for my early classes, I will be able to find a tasty breakfast burrito for fewer than five dollars.

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NOVEMBER 09, 2014