5 simple and free things to do to commemorate Veterans Day

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Although we say we want to do something significant or meaningful or important to commemorate Veterans Day, we usually end up trying to finish a paper or catching up on Netflix. But not this year! Here are five simple things that you can do to commemorate Veterans Day besides singing the national anthem in the shower:

1. Attend the Haas Veterans Panel 

Did you know that there is a Haas Veterans Club? It was founded in 2008 to serve U.S military veterans in the community. Club membership is open to veterans, students pursuing careers in the defense industry and anyone interested in learning more about military service. On Wednesday, there will be a panel from 12:30-2 p.m. at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business in Room 230 of Cheit Hall. All are welcome.

2. Cartooning with Disney

If want to take a trip to San Francisco, you can have some fun with Disney! The Walt Disney Family Museum will present nine animated cartoons created by Walt Disney to support America during World War II. This event will take place at the Walt Disney Family Museum at 104 Montgomery St., San Francisco.

3.  Watch Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ Veterans Day Address

In the past, Dirks has recorded a Veterans Day message for the campus. Watch the one from last year, and look back at the collection of previous chancellors’ addresses. And, of course, keep an eye out for one today.

4. 92nd annual San Francisco Veterans Day Parade 

On Nov. 11, 1918, World War I ended. This year, the annual San Francisco Veterans Day parade will commemorate the end of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band will lead the parade. It will start at Market and Montgomery streets and continue until San Francisco City Hall.

5. Check out the UC Berkeley Cal Veterans group’s video “Footprint”

“Footprint” started out as a promo video to try to get other veterans who attend UC Berkeley to join the club. Then it became a collection of powerful images and narratives. It also features a leader of the Free Speech movement, Dr. John Sarle. He not only has a son in the U.S. Army but is also known for discussing the importance of having the military component in higher education. The trailer for the video can be found here!

Whatever your Veterans Day activity may be, we at the Clog only hope that you have a restful and meaningful day.

Image Source: arbyreed under Creative Commons

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