Keep up with the local haps with Hood, the local social network

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Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. We constantly update to to show anyone who cares that saliva-inducing pasta we just made, how we made it and with whom we’re eating it. Let’s face it. We all have, at some point, updated our newsfeed with a Valencia-toned photo of the view of Berkeley from the Big C. We most definitely have used the hashtag #datBerklife when midterm and finals weeks rolled around and wouldn’t let us get the proper hours of sleep we apparently need to survive. We’ve also Snapchatted the insanely unhealthy amounts of coffee we have regretfully consumed so that someone would sympathetically feel our shame, while we ignore the inevitable stabbing pains in our chests.

Maybe your right thumb is tired of grazing over the same social networking apps over and over again. Or maybe you’d like to try a new app that infuses all of your favorite apps together to create a mega app that lets you see what people in your local community are doing. If that sounds like your thing, keep an eye out for Hoods, a new app that helps you communicate with people in your area. According to its app site, Hoods is a tool to use in case you need “help or advice” or if you want to “share local pictures” and “find out what’s happening around and get to know people near you.” 

Much like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags of location names are used to collectivize user activities and pictures so that it’s easier to see what other people doing, eating and taking pictures of in #Berkeley. You can follow specific hashtags or users you’ve found similar interests with. Some hashtags relating to Berkeley include #campuslife, #berkeleypics, #foodiesberkeley, #hikingberkeley and more.

So if your phone’s home screen is looking a little lonely, try Hoods to see what people around you are up to. It’s not creepy at all. How else are you supposed to make friends if you don’t ask that person under the #foodiesberkeley hashtag what his or her favorite boba place is?

Image Sources: Karlis Dambrans

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