Let's take a moment to appreciate our UC Berkeley families

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NOVEMBER 14, 2014

As we all know, November is the month to look back at everything good we have in our lives and say … “Thank you.” When we at the Clog do this ourselves, our incredible families are one of the first things that come to mind. They often may be uninformed, embarrassing and downright bizarre, but they are our families, and, at the end of the day, they do some pretty wonderful things for us. So in case you forgot, here are just a few things UC Berkeley families do that show they deserve nothing less than a little love this time of year.

1. Brag about where we go to school


There is no doubt that when your relatives openly boast about the fact that you go to UC Berkeley — especially right in front of you — it can be extremely embarrassing. Just the other day, a Clog grandma told her own Golden Bear that he or she went to the most prestigious public university in the nation. Really, Grandma? Didn’t know. Regardless of how uncomfortable this can make us, however, it shows just how proud our families are of us, and, at the end of day, that makes us feel pretty damn good.

2. Send us care packages


There is no greater feeling in the world than getting mail. OK, maybe that’s not always true — especially when it is noise complaints from our landlords — but it definitely is when that mail is a package from your loved ones with a little something from home. Whether it is homemade cookies, a birthday present or just something you forgot when you were moving out, it’s always nice to know that your fam took the time and money to make sure you had whatever they felt you needed despite the fact that you are miles away. Awww!

3. Comment on our Facebook photos


Ever wonder what your mom or dad or your Aunt Pepper would say about all that crazy stuff you did last weekend? No problem: They have already liked and commented on all of those unfortunate Facebook photos you were tagged in! And guess what? They are so glad that you are having a good time at college and making so many new friends :-).

4. Keep in touch


Let’s be honest: The day you left for school, you and the rents were ready for some time apart. That does not mean we do not all get a little homesick every now and then. And it is always nice to hear how excited your family is to hear from you for a change. Are they calling you every other day? Let this month be the one when you appreciate the daily updates on how much your dad hates his job and how your dog is still barking at the neighbors all the time. These things won’t be around forever, and neither will your parents.

5. Pamper us every time they visit


If you didn’t make your relatives take you to a super expensive restaurant or buy you some ridiculously priced college gear when they came to visit, you’re either the best kid ever, or you’re lying. And we’re guessing the latter. For the rest of us, let’s appreciate all the times our family members picked up the tab — whether it was for dinner at La Mediterranee or for our college education here at UC Berkeley. Thanks, y’all.

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NOVEMBER 14, 2014