Notes from my journal: lists and things

Charlotte Passot/File

Sept. 3, 2013
classy girls, the lumineers
up up up, givers
naked kids, grouplove
long weekend Nov. 11th

September 4, 2013
interrupted once again
and thrown into a disorientation
this time not of my own making.
struggles to stay independent
but it can’t be done alone.
that support, luckily
is why i’m here.

Sept. 12, 2013
pack for weekend
bring school work
finish app
call mom

Sept. 16, 2013
look into spelunking
Trader Joe’s for lavender oil and cuties
call mom

Feb. 13
Night Visions
on at 9
14 songs
On Top of the World
Hear Me
It’s Time

June 27
How can you sound competent and confident when you don’t know what you’re studying or what you want to do?
I hope to write a thesis on Kurt Vonnegut.

July 14
Sun Hands
I am the Walrus
expos cap