Sleeping at school: campus spots for quick crashes

When we’re not working, we’re sleeping. Sometimes, when we’re “working,” we’re sleeping, too. There’s nothing better than sleep. Unfortunately, school exists and continually seems to impede upon all the fun parts of student life, including that ever-elusive act of sleeping. But that shouldn’t stop you from sleeping — whether you’re in class, trying to do your reading that’s due tomorrow or lounging out on one of UC Berkeley’s wonderful green areas, you should always find time to sleep. Here are the Clog’s picks for where you should sleep on campus when you’re free (or just skipping out on something important).

Memorial Glade



At some point in time as a UC Berkeley student, you’re bound to find yourself asleep somewhere along this large expanse. Memorial Glade is so recognizably Berkeley, and with its unkempt grass that is more comfortable than dorm room mattresses, this nap location is one you might easily find yourself drawn to. A huge plus here is that Memorial Glade is located next to many of the more frequented buildings on campus, so you can finish your nap slowly and waddle — not so far — over to your lecture that you should have attended in the first place.

Hearst Mining Circle


This sleepy engineering-student favorite is optimized for slumber efficiency between all the labs, lectures and projects that occur around the circle. Everyone from the math, chemistry, bioengineering, molecular and cell biology and various other local departments can gather peacefully under the shade of the rings and cooling fountain to do what they rarely get to do: sleep.

Faculty Glade


Though we are not completely sure our professors are normal human beings, they probably also have to sleep. The people who put together UC Berkeley — probably Mario Savio and his crew (this is not factually accurate) — thought of this need for professor lounging and sleeping and thus created Faculty Glade. Though we hope our professors are here getting sleep and subsequently becoming more happy and lenient on midterm curves, we also hope students will visit the sloped greenery of Faculty Glade and try to catch some Z’s without rolling down 4.0 Hill.

Eucalyptus Grove


This is probably the shadiest spot on campus, both in terms of the lack of light passing through the dense trees and the crime in the area. We wouldn’t recommend falling asleep here when it’s dark outside, but this is a perfectly safe daytime nap site. It’s cool and quiet, and usually the squirrels will leave you alone. Usually. We at the Clog are not responsible for any theft — by squirrels or suspicious people — while you nap in this impressive slumber spot.

School and stuff, well, that’s all somewhat important. But what’s really important is slipping into some sort of near-comatose state and spending your time enjoying one of the finer things in life: sleep. Don’t let your work get in the way of your slumber — use our selected napping locations to rest up in between all the work you’re doing.

Image Sources: John MorganK. Oliver,  John Morgan, John Morgan, Kent Kanouse under Creative Commons

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