ASUC Senate passes bills on tuition freeze, campus sustainability

Ariel D. Hayat/File

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At a Wednesday meeting, the ASUC Senate passed two bills, one demanding a freeze or reduction of tuition and another supporting a sustainable campus landscape.

SB 35, sponsored by External Affairs Vice President Caitlin Quinn, asks that ASUC officials on the Tuition Model Committee suggest alternative ways of funding to decrease tuition costs for students.

SB 37 responds to bill sponsor and CalSERVE Senator Haley Broder’s belief that the campus has “departed from (the) vision of sustained, long-term agricultural education.” The bill focuses on the development of student projects and garden proposals for a sustainable campus that can feed itself.

Sponsored by CalSERVE Senator Juan Heredia, a bill asking for justice for the 43 students that went missing in Mexico in September was tabled for the next senate External and University Affairs Committee meeting.

The Office of Executive Vice President Justin Kong is preparing three referendums, an ASUC student fee, a wellness fee and an educational opportunity and equity fee. Before being presented on the ballot in the upcoming spring elections, the referendums must be approved by the UC Office of the President, among others.

In its overhaul of the ASUC bylaws, the senate Constitutional Review Committee is looking to comb through election bylaws to “streamline the election process and bring greater clarity to elections,” CalSERVE Senator Austin Pritzkat said.

At the next meeting, the senate External and University Affairs Committee will discuss bills regarding the funding of the Emma Goldman Papers Project, support of two Berkeley Student Cooperative task forces, extension of residence hall contract deadlines and a peer wellness program committee.

The Constitutional Review Committee will examine amendments to the Cooperative Opportunity fund, one of which includes replacing the funding cap with a method to distribute money on a per capita basis.

The next senate meeting will take place Dec. 3.

Heyun Jeong covers student government. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @heyunjeong.