What to do with your spare time over the holidays

We all know the drift. We walk out of school on the last day, triumphant and excited for the freedom that awaits. We get home, excited to do everything: eat, sleep, watch TV, spend quality time with family, play with pets and simply enjoy not having homework to do. But let’s face it: This gets old within a week … maybe even after a few days. Soon, you might even miss UC Berkeley and its endless spout of work. Here are some ways you can keep yourself busy!



Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games … there are many classics that are way too time-consuming for any UC Berkeley student to engage in reading during the school year. Take this time to read up on the many fantasy worlds and finally understand the many references that float around pop culture today.

Learn how to knit


Sometimes, Elsa throws a tantrum, or Berkeley decides to be extra bipolar when November hits. Either way, it gets cold out — and sometimes, you have extra yarn. Knit! You can literally knit anything: hats, shirts, socks, dog toys, pillowcases, phone cases. Learn this skill, and you’ll never have to buy a gift again.

Get a new high score in Flappy Bird (or its variations)


This game is so frustrating, but we’re certain success comes with endless repetition. Finally conquer those stupid green poles and get that pixelated bird as far as you can. Say goodbye to productivity: This is so effortless that you literally don’t have to get out of bed. Time will pass faster than ever. We promise.

Pick up some coloring books


Take yourself back to the golden years of childhood and pick up some coloring books from your local store. Nothing beats this youthful joy, and crayons know no age. Maybe you’ll finally learn how to color inside the lines!

Learn how to cook


Christina Fossum/File

If there’s one thing every college student would benefit from, it’s culinary skill. Say goodbye to the strange goos of Crossroads and endless bags of ramen: Welcome pots and pans into your life, and break out those spatulas. Seriously, though — cooking would save you a lot of time, money and worry over your waistline.

Make decorations for your dormitory room/apartment.

Purple Kow decor. Image by Eunice Choi.

Eunice Choi/File

Is it time to spice up that room you’ve inhabited for three months? Is it getting a little drab? Go to your nearest craft store and load up on the glitter. Your roommates will be so excited to come home to a whole new world. New posters of Anne Hathaway, blue-and-gold string lights and glittery lampshades really do scream “home, sweet home.”

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