Weekender Picks

Get sucked into this wonderful reddit thread documenting the best quotes from Rafi, the sick and twisted character from FX’s The League. Some of my favorites include:


“Thinking is pointless, like motorcycle helmets.”

Or, this great interaction:

“Raffi: I just got done taking a dump in your backyard

Ruxin: What?

Raffi: Nothing

Ruxin I thought that was my neighbor’s Great Dane

Raffi: Come on, Great Dane’s do not eat that much gum”


— Curan Mehra


This week, I was overloaded with papers, due dates and the general chaos of school pre-Thanksgiving break. These three songs got me through it.

Museum Nights — Dustin O’Halloran

Interlude II — Alt J

Bad Intentions — Niykee Heaton

The third song is not a joke. And she actually spells her name that way. It’s genius. Enjoy.


— Libby Rainey


I read this interview from The Fader with the 16-year-old designer Asspizza aka Austin Butts. He is confusing, but I did agree with him on a few points:

“TV shows are the best because they create their own worlds and for a while you can focus on that and you don’t have to worry about real life problems, like homework or overpopulation.”

Read the interview here, and if you’re feeling lethargic listen to Eminem’s new version of Lose Yourself.

— Anya Schultz