Students, community members march through Berkeley in ‘walkout’

Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

Hundreds of students and community members have taken to the streets of Berkeley as part of a systemwide “walkout” to protest the UC tuition hike policy.

Participants of the walkout are set to march through campus and Downtown Berkeley before convening for a general assembly to discuss Tuesday’s actions, during which protesters intend to surround California Hall. Protesters have also been occupying Wheeler Hall for six consecutive days following a vote by a committee of the UC Board of Regents to pass a tuition increase policy that links future tuition rates to levels of state funding.

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Timeline of Wheeler Hall occupation:

Sunday, Nov. 23: Wheeler Hall occupation faces shrinking numbers, questions about next steps

Thursday, Nov. 20: Activists continue 2nd day of Wheeler Hall occupation, protests on campus

Wednesday, Nov. 19: More than 200 occupy Wheeler Hall at height of protest against tuition hikes

Background on the new tuition increase policy:

Thursday, Nov. 20: Regents pass tuition increase amid student protest

Wednesday, Nov. 19: Hundreds protest proposed fee hike with 1 arrest outside regents meeting

Tuesday, No. 18: Breaking down the tuition increase policy

Sunday, Nov. 9: Tuition plan comes in wake of history of state disinvestment

Thursday, Nov. 6: UC tuition increase proposal conflicts with governor’s funding model

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