How to cope with homework and exams over Thanksgiving break

yum9me/Creative Commons

1. Spell out math equations with your peas

Bringing your lecture notes to the dining table is just asking for trouble. Avoid staining your half-scribbled notes with cranberry sauce and just spell out equations with your food. If you have a steady hand, you can drizzle out gravy formulas onto your mashed potatoes. No, we are not playing with our food, ma. We’re studying.

2. Pretend you have diarrhea and spend the rest of Thanksgiving dinner studying in the bathroom

Actually, this may end up happening anyway. Being college students, we tend to overeat when we get back home. When else are we going to have a hot meal that isn’t cooked in the microwave?

3. Quiz your grandma

None of your class buddies are around, so it is time to find a willing study partner. Your grandma will basically do anything for you, anyway. Maybe she can embroider a cheat sheet onto your pillow so that you can study in your dreams.

4. Zip yourself up in an isolation pod


The Daily Clog previously featured the Nutshell, which is a nifty invention that essentially functions as a backpack in which you can zip yourself up. That way, you will be completely isolated from any temptations or distractions. It is like a portable sensory deprivation chamber!

5. Listen to podcasts on the go

In the novel “Flowers for Algernon,” the protagonist is able to completely master the rules of English grammar just by listening to audio tapes in his sleep. Real life doesn’t work like that, but you can totally play your professor’s podcasts in your car, learning on the go. Or, if your class doesn’t have a podcast, record your own voice reciting notes, and play it back to yourself!

6. Reward yourself with leftovers every time you accomplish something

What’s the best part about Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving leftovers. Reward yourself for studying with a reheated Thanksgiving feast.

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