Pie crust cookie recipe

We love all things miniature. Something about normal-sized objects being shrunk down to dwarf-like proportions makes us squeal with joy and delight. A perusal of Pinterest will show that an abundance of others feels the exact same way as us. If there’s a loved food item, some super baker has turned it into a bite-sized masterpiece to be served as homemadecafe_240x310the hor d’oeuvres at his or her next dinner party.

With the holidays coming up, it seems that pies are the dessert of choice for the season, so what better to be baked into itty-bitty size than that? These pie crust cookies are basically just that — miniature pies. Best of all, this recipe only requires three ingredients, instead of the usual 15 that one would find in a regular pie recipe, and there’s no mixing — just assembly. When you give these to your friends and family — if you’re kind enough to share, they will be gasping at how adorable they are. These pie crust cookies are basically the food equivalent of a cat YouTube video.


2 pie crusts

Any jam or fruit butter of your choice — we like fig butter and pumpkin butter

1 egg



Nora Harhen/Staff

Roll out pie crust and cut out circles or whatever shape you please. Christmas trees could be a festive option. If you want to be particularly fancy, you could try a lattice pattern on half of the circles. Just cut the circle into strips and do a basket weave.

Nora Harhen/Staff

  1. On half of the circles, put the jam on. This will be the bottom of the pies.
  2. Then place the unjammed circles on top. To seal the pies, take the end of a spoon or knife and press down on the edges. This should make a pretty fluted edge effect.
  3. Beat the egg. This will be our egg wash. Brush this over the top of the mini pies.


    Nora Harhen/Staff

  4. The oven should be preheated to 375 degrees F. Pop into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Check often because it is very easy to burn, and baking times can vary depending upon the oven.
  5. Allow to cool before serving. These are tasty with a cup of hot chocolate or with a side of ice cream.

*Adapted from A Beautiful Mess Recipe

Image Sources: Christi @ Love From The Ovmister mugatupricklysarah

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