Weekender Picks

Coup d'Oreille/Creative Commons

If you haven’t already, be sure to make your way through Chris Rock’s essay in The Hollywood Reporter on how Hollywood is “a white industry.”

— Curan Mehra

Here are three people to listen to:

  1. “The world won’t get no better / if we just let it be.” Wu-Tang Clan blessed us with a new album more than twenty years after they entered this world.
  1. “People ask me all the time, ‘Mike, what should I read?’ Read the U.S. Constitution, goddammit, so you know what your real rights are. Have sit-downs in the barber shop. Get together, grab your Constitution, and ask yourself, ‘What do my Second Amendment rights really mean? What can I really do with a gun? What can I really not do?’ But don’t feel trapped, don’t feel powerless, because you aren’t.” — Killer Mike is part of the rap duo Run The Jewels.
  1. “Less opinion, more perspective.” Lil B, arguably the best person on the Internet, created this inspirational quote for his groundbreaking lecture at MIT.

—Anya Schultz

Author and journalist Tom Barbash read from his new collection of short stories, Stay Up With Me, Thursday evening at UC Berkeley’s Morrison Library. He read a poignant story about a son coping with his mother’s death and his father’s obsessive dating habits that followed. The collection is on sale at Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore — grab a copy if you have a moment.

— Libby Rainey