UC Berkeley alumnus arrested during protest will not face charges

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UC Berkeley alumnus Kyle McCoy will not face charges after a Monday hearing.

McCoy was one of six individuals arrested Saturday night during protests over recent grand jury decisions in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. McCoy was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

McCoy said he believed he was not charged because there was no evidence he had a weapon. On Saturday night, he was only carrying his backpack when he was confronted by police, according to McCoy. He said his arm was injured and in a sling, making it unlikely that he could attack an officer.

While no charges were filed and no future hearings are scheduled, his case could be reopened in the future.

Ben Lynch, an organizer in BAMN, a civil rights coalition involved in the recent protests, accompanied McCoy’s friends and family to the hearing. He said the postponement was a “scare tactic,” a method to keep McCoy “in political limbo,” arguing that it was an attempt to dissuade McCoy from protesting in the future.

“But it’s not going to keep me from being out there,” McCoy said. He plans to speak about his experience at a City Council meeting Tuesday.

Ronald Cruz, McCoy’s attorney and a BAMN organizer, was not able to attend the hearing because of a sudden personal emergency. Lynch said Cruz’s absence had no effect on the decision.

On Saturday night, protesters marched from Berkeley to the border of Oakland and back, and a few individuals vandalized Downtown Berkeley businesses.

Police deployed rounds of tear gas to try to disperse protesters, after police said demonstrators had thrown rocks and bricks at officers. The crowd dispersed about 2:30 a.m..

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