12 signs you have end-of-the-semester antsy-ness

With thoughts of the comfort of home and a month-long break from the hectic life of a UC Berkeley student hanging over our heads, these next couple of weeks can be the most difficult of the semester. Those of us who absolutely cannot wait any longer to get home may be struck with a case of the end-of-the-semester antsy-ness. The following is a list of signs that will help you diagnose yourself and your friends with such a condition and will hopefully offer the help you need to wrap up this semester with a bang.

1. One second, you’re typing your essay on the Confucian perspective on forgiveness, and the next, you’re mapping out your big holiday plans to spend the week at Disneyland.


2. You’re taking notes during multiple review sessions only to find your thoughts wandering to your favorite dessert that your grandma makes every holiday season.


3. You’re keeping your suitcase open at the foot of your bed.


4. You’re repacking said suitcase with increasing frequency as the days wind down, starting with a couple of times a week then building up to a couple of times a day.


5. You’re stalking all your friends from home repeatedly on social media and barraging them with Facebook messages such as: “Yo, so when are we hanging out gurl?”


6. You’re clearing out your fridge prematurely by eating all the food inside and resorting to eating greasy fast food for the rest of the semester.


7. You’re letting store displays catch your eye and finishing all of your holiday shopping, even before you finish all of your study guides.


8. You’re calling a different relative every night and screaming into the phone receiver, “I MISS YOU AND YOUR PRETTY FACE AND YOUR YUMMY FOOD!”


9. You’re getting caught by your roommate as you blast and delight in obnoxious holiday tunes, singing and dancing all around your bedroom unabashedly.


10. You’re wearing your loudest and ugliest Christmas sweaters everywhere you go.


11. You’re calling your mom every time you think of something you would like her to get for you from the grocery store and ending up sobbing inconsolably into the phone because you miss her food and cuddles.


12. You’re realizing that you’re in the final stretch now, and you can almost taste the holidays — you just need to push through the last couple of weeks, and you’ll be back in paradise.


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