Editor’s Note

While we realize the futility of attempting to document each instance that molded Berkeley in 2014, The Daily Californian compiled a series of bits that we feel critically shaped this year. 2014 was an anthem against the status quo: students reacting against societal constraints and exploring their communal identity through protests, the arts and individual ventures. The articles and interviews in this issue reflect what we feel were some of the most critical aspects of this past year’s tensions. We’ve also compiled staff picks for best films, albums and sports moments, as well as commentary on the most pertinent news moments of this year.

In addition to credited staff, we would also like to appreciate those who dedicated their time to this issue: Chloe Hunt, Megan Messerly, Jacob Brown, Katy Abbott, Alex Berryhill, Gillian Edevane, Shannon Carroll, Sarah Dadouch and Melissa Wen.

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