Not-so-dead-week: Naked Run fall 2014 [NSFW]

Know what two things go together perfectly? Studying and nudity. We know how studying apparently makes all of us Golden Bears feel sexually repressed, according to our Yik Yaks. So it’s a good thing that on Thursday, we had the opportunity to either participate in or witness the greatness that is the dead week naked run.

Lilia Vega/Staff


Although the semesterly run through Main Stacks began at 9 p.m., students started vacating their seats — after putting down notebooks to reserve them, of course — about 8 p.m. to “get the best spots,” according to observers.

Despite the seeming distraction of watching about 40 students run around the library naked, the audience was almost as excited as the courageous runners — yelling and cheering — especially as some recognized their friends. Although most of the runners were completely nude, there were others who chose to show some modesty by wearing masks, selected undergarments and even Santa Claus hats — we wouldn’t want to leave the holiday spirit aside, now would we?


Sofia Platas-Gonzalez