Missing Berkeley? Here are some cures

Winter break can be a struggle for some of us truly loyal Golden Bears who can hardly bear to sleep at night without a picture of the Campanile hanging on our ceilings. UC Berkeley is the number one university in our hearts, and it’s difficult for us to leave for a whole month. To those who live in the Bay Area and can regularly BART back to Cal, we curse you and wish we were in your shoes. To everyone else, here are some ways to make Berkeley feel less far away and help you get through what feels like a century before you can step foot on campus again.

1. Eat wraps for all three meals


If there’s one very drastic and obvious change from college, it’s the food. Don’t you miss the breakfast wraps filled with hash browns and maple syrup from the Den, slowly digested over the course of your dreaded 8 AM? What about the pastrami and jack spinach wrap with sun-dried tomato aioli and about two vegetable toppings for lunch at Qualcomm, eaten while staring at your unsolvable computer science homework? And who can forget, coming back to Southside at night and picking up your guilty pleasure wrap at the Den, filled with bacon, cheddar, ranch and nothing else? Wraps were our lives at Berkeley, not only for their convenience but also for how much better they were than anything at Crossroads. Give up that succulent meal your parents made to welcome you home, stock up on wraps and let the bland meals resume.

2. Stay up until 2 AM and make waffle fries and pancakes


Maybe food during the day wasn’t so great, but food at night was definitely on par. Late Night is what comes to define any student’s life during midterm season. We’ve all been there: memorizing history terms got boring, practicing math problems was lulling you to sleep or you just didn’t have the energy to further your progress on Sapling. What did sound good, though, was fatty food. Cue Late Night! Many a night did we come back from Crossroads or Foothill stuffed with oil, carbs and sweets. Now, of course, there is no way of perfectly replicating standing in line in the cold for 10 minutes, excitedly chatting with your friends about what you wanted to try this time around and suspiciously watching the food at each station, thinking it was yours, but you can definitely break out the pots and pans at midnight at home! If you wake your parents up, just offer them some. Let them in on what a great experience college is, food-wise.

3. Have your alarm ring hourly and sound like the Campanile bells 

Campanile with Trees

We often take for granted the beauty of the hourly ringing of the Campanile. When we were running late to class, this loud clang let us know we had 10 minutes left to get where we needed to be. While we definitely won’t need that reminder anymore, to hear those bells every hour will definitely bring you back to the days of school. Don’t forget to add in a half hour-long song, reminiscent of a greatly slowed down version of Fur Elise, at 8 a.m., 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. That’s essential to staying true to the reality of our beloved Campanile tower.

4. Walk three or more miles a day


Campus is big, and if you’re like most students, you didn’t pay enough attention to the distance between each hall before finalizing your schedule. You’ve probably had to do many 10 minute treks from Stanley to Dwinelle or from Barrows to Li Ka Shing. Your calves are probably exceptional by now. Don’t let a whole month go by without working them, though! To make this as authentic as possible, you should roll out of bed, grab a granola bar and speed walk through your neighborhood … just as you would have done in order to make a class on time. Our advice is to walk until you’re a sweaty mess — at that point, memories of walking into class panting should start flooding back to you. Good times.

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