How to make it feel more or less like winter

Berkeley, California, is pretty bland, weather-wise. There doesn’t seem to be seasons — its winter weather is somewhat akin to its spring weather. Seventy degrees is the standard and people rarely need more than a hoodie and jeans to stay warm. At the same time, places along the East Coast are shrouded in snow — just like a Winter Wonderland we Cal Bears are complete strangers to. If you are stuck in either of these situations, The Clog has the solution for you! Or rather, two solutions: Here are some ways to make it feel more or less like winter, depending on your preference.

1. More like winter: Instant Snow is your best friend.

Courtesy/Lisa Bullwinkel

Lisa Bullwinkel/Courtesy

Today’s scientists are capable of many, many things. Yes, they are on the road to curing cancer and yes, there is now technology that can make body tissue. But, more importantly, we can make instant snow by simply adding water. It doesn’t melt or ice up, but still feels fluffy and authentic. Pick up some Instant Snow today if your location is simply not having it with temperatures lower than 70 degrees.

2. Less like winter: Break the radiator and lounge.

Courtesy/Creative Commons

Oops! Had no idea this knob wasn’t turnable, and it came off. Oh well, here comes the heat. Wow, it’s hot in here. Almost forgot it was storming outside. You know what? Bring out the Piña Coladas and the beach chairs — let’s get our imaginary tan on.

3. More like winter: Prepare hot cocoa.


Who said the sun was out? Close the blinds,  and cuddle up in your bed wearing a sweater and boots next to (a picture of) a fire and some hot cocoa. Ignorance is bliss, and winter is chillily blowing through your window.

4. Less like winter: Exercise.

Hannah Lee/ Staff

Hannah Lee/ Staff

Break a sweat! That’s the fastest way to increase your body temperature and therefore make your external surroundings feel not nearly as cold as they actually are. Lift a few 10 pounders, do some reps on the pull-up bar or run a couple miles on the treadmill. We guarantee you that once you’re done, you’ll be so sweaty and heated that the coldness will be a mere joke to you.

5. More like winter: Decorate your room with some paper snowflakes. 


Nothing says winter like some snowflakes around your room. Even if you are not the craftiest person it is the effort that counts. And, who knows? you might find that you actually enjoy decorating your own room. Now, every time you walk in the sight of your DIY snowflakes will remind you of a frisky winter and will coax you to put on some holiday music and enjoy the rest of your winter break in bed watching Netflix.

6. More/Less like winter: Roadtrip with your friends.


What are vacations for if not for travelling outside the places dear to our heart and exploring new and fantastic locations with your closest friends?  Contact your buddies, the more the merrier. Not to mention that with more people the cost of gas per person will be cheaper, so that’s good. Travel and escape the weather conditions you were born into and make it feel more or less like winter.

Image Sources: Luke MaBunches and Bits {Karina},mihecoabhisawa under Creative Commons. 

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