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Alt band Allah-Las bring sunny tunes to San Francisco’s foggy coast

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JANUARY 13, 2015

Allah-Las welcomed sold-out shows the last two nights of 2014 with its signature Los Angeles tunes that reminisce those summer beach days. With lingering sets of instrumental bliss, the band transfers the feel of Southern California perfection — beach waves and sunny times — to the cool San Franciscan winds for a year-end celebration.

At The Chapel in San Francisco on Dec. 30, The Tyde and Light Fantastic opened for the band, setting the mood with soft rock and a preview of the garage sound that would be the evening’s highlight. Allah-Las moved onto the stage as the last set ended, and the crowded room grew more energetic with anticipation. The music remained flawless throughout the band’s performance, but the performance itself could have been more engaging. With girls front and center, dancing along to the laid-back tunes, the group remained somewhat removed from the audience, maintaining a carefree attitude. This, however, may go with the easy-going stereotype that seems to plague SoCal and the band, and it was welcomed by an audience that was somewhat entranced by the almost-spiritual melodies.

The LA-based band made up of Matthew Correia (percussion), Spencer Dunham (bass), Miles Michaud (vocals, guitar) and Drum Siadatian (lead guitar) met at Amoeba Music on Sunset Boulevard, and the members have brought their musical influences to create a new sound that’s all its own. Though the band may not promote itself as a carrier of a ‘60s-influenced sound, it definitely leads listeners through musical history, connecting with multiple generations, from ‘50s beatnik to ‘70s hippie. With songs such as Catamaran, Allah-Las kept the audience somewhat transfixed to the music.

During the performance, the songs seemed to tie into one another so smoothly that it felt as though one ongoing single was bewitching the audience. Although there may not have been much chemistry between the band and its audience, the chemistry between the bandmates remained evident throughout, giving the impression that they never left their private recording areas. It was as if no one else shared the room with them. This presence may have been what kept the audience enchanted. It made for an intimate setting, as if they merely invited everyone to come and listen to them play in their backyard.

With flawless melodies of beachy tunes and the nostalgic momentum this band achieves throughout its performance, Allah-Las managed to provide a mesmerizing show while adding new sound to a familiar genre.

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JANUARY 16, 2015

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