How to cope when a friend is studying abroad

December might feel like it was only a week ago, but unfortunately for all you Golden Bears out there, our winter hibernations are already over. Before we can ask ourselves, “Didn’t we just finish finals last week?,” the increasing chimes of our Berkeley e-mails are foreshadowing our impending spring semesters. What will your classes be like? What kinds of new and interesting people will you meet in this year? Will you finally stop consuming burritos and boba at 11 p.m. with your best Berkeley buds?

While your somewhat questionable late night snack combos will probably stay the same, you also probably just realized that one of your closest friends at Berkeley will be studying abroad for the whole semester and won’t be there to witness your midnight ramblings or experience your last-minute essay writing breakdowns. Although you are excited for your friend to embark on the journey of his or her lifetime, you can’t help but wish that your friend was staying with you so the two of you can continue your Berkeley shenanigans. You might be feeling sad at the thought of losing your partner-in-crime to picturesque monuments, amazing cultures and incredibly delicious looking foods, but worry not. The Clog is here to help ease your pain with some tips to keep you sane until the Kanye West to your Kanye West returns safely into your arms.


  1.  Before your friend happily leaves the US of A, make sure you two make a pact of how often you will be communicating. Once you realize your friend will most likely have spotty wi-fi in the country they are studying abroad in, their social media will be your only chance of seeing their faces basking in the sun outside of some quaint looking cafe. Might as well bookmark their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blog pages. It’s completely not creepy at all.6882007292_6041524865_k
  2. Take as many pictures with them before they leave. Take many pictures of just them before they leave. Take many pictures of them as they’re leaving. Make a shrine of them in your dorm room closet if you need to.3127638142_7601a1297c_b
  3.  If you want to level up, make a cardboard cut-out of them and take it to all your classes, the dining halls and all around campus. Don’t be afraid to talk to them either – no one will even bat an eyelash if you do this within a 50 foot radius of Sproul.
  4.  Or opt for a healthier alternative by making new friends and if they so happen to resemble your friend to some extent, it just means you have good taste in humans.4795592340_3c73965497_z
  5.  While they’re gone, make a list of activities you want to do or movies you want to watch with them so you can have something to look forward to. Make a list of all the cool places you want to visit or the foods you want to try thanks to their Instagram feed #wishlist.
  6.  Revel in the fact that you have Netflix at your fingertips while your friend unfortunately won’t be able to binge-watch ’90s sitcoms for months. They should be out there exploring cities and soaking in all the culture anyways.
  7.  If your Berkeley classes aren’t stressful or time-consuming enough, perhaps join an extra club or organization that keeps you busy and away from engaging in too many of those lonely Netflix binge filled nights.8517344736_86a4f5a887_z
  8.  Take mini study abroad trips of your own around Berkeley, San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area. There’s amazing architecture, food, art and culture to be explored here as well that look just as good with a Valencia filter as any old cathedral out there.
  9.  Take a beginner’s language course or learn a new language on your own. Surprise (and impress) your friend by being able to make hilarious jokes in the language your friend was sad to leave behind.8073792558_c74afcc4e9_z
  10.  Regardless of how much you miss your friend, continue be happy for them as they tick another item off of their bucket list. Apply to study abroad yourself in the future or plan an international trip you too can look forward to.

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