Which section of the Daily Cal should you apply for?

  1. Which of these seems the most exciting to you?
    1. Reviewing a film opening you went to
    2. Interviewing the mayor
    3. Taking photographs of a protest
    4. Creatively commenting on student life
    5. Writing about the basketball game you just went to
    6. Fundraising for a local business
    7. Correcting your friends’ grammar
    8. Convincing your friends that Qualcomm is, in fact, the best on campus cafe
  2. What is your most prized possession?
    1. Your record collection
    2. Your laptop
    3. Your camera
    4. Your bike
    5. Your collection of Goff jerseys
    6. Your wallet
    7. Your dictionary
    8. Your phone
  3. Where would you rather spend your day?
    1. At a music festival
    2. At a political protest
    3. At a museum
    4. Hanging out with your friends
    5. At a Giants game
    6. Shopping!
    7. With a nice book on Memorial Glade
    8. At a lecture from your favorite author
  4. What’s your favorite food?
    1. Breakfast burritos
    2. Coffee
    3. Sushi
    4. Cheesy sticks
    5. Burgers
    6. A nice steak dinner
    7. Frozen yogurt
    8. Pizza
  5. Which of these pieces of furniture do you relate to best?
    1. A sculpture
    2. An oven
    3. A painting
    4. A couch
    5. A TV
    6. A lamp
    7. A shower
    8. A bed
    1. You should apply to Arts & Entertainment! Berkeley is nothing if not a vast battleground of artistic events all vying for the attention of the reviews section. The San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of free concerts, films, poetry readings, festivals, community theater, art gallery openings, fashion events … the list is virtually inexhaustible. It’s the arts reporter’s job to put it all under close and frequent scrutiny so a pop culture-hungry Berkeley public will know what’s worth checking out.
    2. You should apply to News! As a news reporter for the Daily Cal, you will write for one of the nation’s oldest and most respected student newspapers, investigating the day’s breaking stories and looking into some of the most controversial issues facing our campus, the UC system and the city of Berkeley. You will have the opportunity to interview influential campus, university and city leaders and report what you find to more than 35,000 students and 100,000 Berkeley residents. Reporters stay in the know about everything that goes on in Berkeley, covering a variety of topics including student demonstrations, the actions of campus leaders and city homicides.
    3. You should apply to Photography! As a staff photographer for the Daily Cal, you will get a chance to attend and photograph various events on campus and around the city of Berkeley (including arts, sports, breaking news, portraits, etc.) as well as have the opportunity to potentially publish long-term projects such as full-page photo essays in the newspaper.
    4. You should apply to the Clog! At the Clog, writers have the opportunity to express themselves and craft original articles while receiving mentorship and guidance from editors. Cloggers will also gain valuable skills in new media and learn a writing style that will appeal to an online college readership. Whether writers are providing insight into the day’s politics or entertaining students with a list of haunted spots on campus, Cloggers always engage with readers directly.
    5. You should apply to Sports! As a sports reporter, you will be tasked with covering one of Cal’s varsity sports teams. You are the go-to person for your particular sport and will have the chance to interview coaches and players. As such, your duties will include writing recaps, previews, and at least one feature on an athlete on the team you cover per semester on staff. Reporters in the sports department receive press passes to events and have the opportunity to develop relationships with the University’s athletes.
    6. You should apply to Business! The business side makes the money, organizes our finances and helps direct organization-wide changes to optimize our appeal to advertisers. It consists of six departments: sales, finance, production, marketing, distribution and development.
    7. You should apply to Copy! Misplaced commas and egregious spelling errors got you down? As a member of the copy desk, you’ll get to satisfy your urge to rid the world of bad grammar. Copy editors are responsible for keeping the newspaper clear, consistent and correct. Armed with a fine-toothed comb for spelling, grammar and AP Style, the copy desk is the last line of defense against libel. Other responsibilities include writing captions for photos and creating punchy headlines — it never gets old seeing yours on the front page.
    8. You should apply to Opinion! As a weekly columnist or opinion blogger, you will share your wit, humor and valuable insights to entertain the Daily Cal’s wide readership. Tuesday is home of the Sex on Tuesday column, but the other days of the week, as well as our blog, The Soapbox, are open to fresh and thought-provoking discussions on any topic. Applicants from all backgrounds, perspectives and fields of interest are encouraged to apply.

Applications for Spring 2015 employment will be due Friday, January 30 at 5 p.m.

Contact Holly Secon at [email protected].