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Differences between tea-drinking and coffee-drinking college students

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JANUARY 29, 2015

We all have something that fuels us through those grueling study sessions. For some of us, the body-tremoring, caffeine-induced buzz of a strong cup of coffee is the powerful punch that we need to make it through that endless problem set. For others, only the mellow tranquility that comes from sipping on a steaming hot cup of our favorite tea can vanquish our hyperactive stress and power our essay writing. We at the Clog have noticed some fundamental differences between the coffee-crazed and tea-addicted among us. Don’t worry — we’ve decided to outline them for you.

Favorite places

There is nowhere that a coffee drinker loves to be more than his or her favorite cafe. Whether it’s Cafe Strada, Cafe Blue Door or People’s Coffee and Tea, a coffee drinker can delight in the warm energy and bustling surroundings with his or her favorite coffee-based drink in hand. You’ll find coffee-drinking students tucked into a cafe corner, cramming away for their exams while chugging a strong coffee beverage for sustenance.

A tea drinker’s favorite place to be, however, is where he or she feels the maximum amount of coziness. This spot usually avoids having to venture outside, instead choosing to cuddle up in bed with a steaming mug of tea and a favorite book while bundled up in a favorite knit sweater. You’ll find tea-drinking students studying for exams, sitting at their desks while wrapped in duvets.

Romantic interests

Coffee drinkers tend to be all about the passion. They fantasize about someone who will come in like a whirlwind and sweep them off their feet (preferably with a sensual Spanish accent). The coffee-drinking student dreams of finding his or her love on a big night out in San Francisco, dancing the night away.

Tea drinkers dream of a relationship built on a spiritual connection, where two people can be vulnerable with each other. They want to spend mornings out on hikes with their significant others, and evenings cuddled up together. They daydream about that cute girl or guy in their discussion who seems to read their mind on every subject.

Social lives

Coffee drinkers are the life of the party! Fueled by their high levels of energy and their constant caffeine buzz, coffee drinkers are always surrounded by friends. They are well-known as social butterflies, constantly flying from plan to plan and always texting other friends.

Suffice to say, tea drinkers are perfectly content staying in on a Friday night with a couple of close friends, enjoying a home-cooked meal followed by a movie marathon or game night. Tea drinkers tend to have a smaller, more intimate groups of friends.

TV habits

Coffee-drinking students spend their free time on Netflix watching suspenseful, thrilling dramas that get their endorphins up and their blood pumping. These include shows such as “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Tea-drinking students frequent either the documentary category of Netflix or their well-worn copy of “Pride and Prejudice” for their down time. They love to find material to puzzle and ponder over, all while contemplating the intricacies of life and of our world.


When a coffee drinker needs coffee, it doesn’t matter what kind of coffee it is. Somebody had better get that coffee drinker a cup, and fast, before the dormant inner-beast emerges with full force. Milk and sugar as needed. The coffee-drinking student is simple in his or her cravings. We just need an espresso shot … straight to our hearts <3.

On the other hand, a tea drinker is absolutely persnickety about his or her tea consumption. The tea drinker will turn his or her nose up at certain types of tea and sing the praises of others. We just can’t stand rooibos — of course, the only exception being a delicate rooibos and black-tea blend.

Image Source: Denise Krebs

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JANUARY 29, 2015