Picks of the Week

The de Young Museum’s exhibition “Keith Haring: The Political Line” is eccentric and arousing and totally psychosexual. Haring specifically questions the plights of a conservative 1980s American society, but he more broadly contends with the extraordinary capacities of humanity. If you’re looking for a brief existential excursion, make the trek eastward for an afternoon. The exhibit closes Feb. 16.

— Zoe Kleinfeld


Comedian Adam Newman released his standup special “Killed” this past week. If you’re into butt jokes, there’s nobody better than Newman. His special is now on iTunes and Spotify.

— Curan Mehra



Dr. Gabriele Oettingen has published a new book, “Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation,” that has been quickly gaining attention. In her book, Oettingen analyzes the psychological effects of positive thinking based off of experimental data she collected from undergraduate college student participants. The results suggest that blind optimism can negatively impact students in relation to those who had more realistic thoughts. Although I am not entirely convinced that such conclusions can be made from the information the reader is presented with, I think Oettingen raises some interesting psychology questions that could be used to conduct future research in the field.

— Nicole White



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