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4 Berkeley buys to help you celebrate National Nutella Day

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FEBRUARY 02, 2015

As Feb. 5 rapidly approaches, our preparations for this National Nutella Day will culminate in biblical feasting of the Italian-turned-basic hazelnut spread. This may be easier said than done considering how much of the chocolate-hazelnut toast-topper we already have incorporated into our diets. We will nonetheless give it our all. If you are as big of a Nutella fanatic as us, we bet you plan to celebrate the big day with an equivalent reverence and celebration of the praise-worthy treat as do we. And lucky you, we’ve compiled a brief list of some of the most Nutellalicious snacks that can be found right here, in Berkeley!

1. Crepes A-Go-Go: The “King Samm”


Pop by Crepes A-Go-Go on the way to your art history lecture. Snarf a King Samm for a bougie Sunday brunch before hitting your ten-page research paper in Main Stacks. Combining almond powder, banana, coconut, Nutella and whipped cream into a single cohesive sugar bomb, this masterpiece might just be the holy grail of Berkeley’s chocolatey offerings. Celebrate the glory of National Nutella Day by paying homage to the vehicle on which Nutella was pretty much meant to be served: crepes!

2. Bobby G’s Pizzeria: Fried Nutella and banana pizza


Although pizza may not be the first thing that comes to mind while seeking a delicious way to enjoy Nutella, we at the Clog are always excited to expand our foodie vocabulary. Noted Berkeley pizzeria, Bobby G’s, is known for appeasing the “vegan pizza snob” crowd, as well as simply cranking out quality pies. So, it’s no wonder they channeled their creativity into satisfying all us pizza and Nutella lovers out there with their beloved Nutella banana pizza.

3. Cafe Blue Door: Nutella hot chocolate


NUTELLA HOT CHOCOLATE?!? Enough said. But actually though, a stroke of genius enabled this popular study spot to spawn the game-changing compromise between a necessary warm beverage to fuel that lengthy literature reading and a sought-after excuse to consume more Nutella. If you can forego your standard edgy glass of extra black coffee just once, we highly recommend this sweeter alternative.

4. DIY: Nutella milkshake 


Perhaps this fine holiday has inspired you not only to consume large quantities of Nutella, but also to put your Food Network skills to the test. Go ahead and pull out that blender you intended to make daily protein shakes with, but coincidentally never use, and get ready to blow your own mind.

Recipe via Spoon University


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FEBRUARY 01, 2015