Anna Lunoe brings EDM to forefront of Audio, talks to The Daily Californian

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On Thursday, Anna Lunoe helped anchor HARD’s Ship2Ship stop at Audio San Francisco with T. Williams and Destructo. The 16-date tour, which was the idea of Destructo (Gary Richards), proved to be a raging, fruit-filled good time. The dance floor was packed in anticipation of Lunoe’s set, and pineapples were scattered on the mixing table in tune with the tropical getaway theme.

Rather than hip-hop-influenced beats, she catered more to the house music that the crowd expected out of Destructo. Samples included electro house hits, such as U.K. group Redlight’s “9TS.” Lunoe had the crowd grooving to marching deep bass lines, and an especially dedicated fan up front held up a crumpled sign reading, “Anna is a baddie,” bobbing it to the beat all throughout the AC Slater remix of Lunoe’s “Bass Drum Dealer (B.D.D.).”

In a phone interview with The Daily Californian, Lunoe said she enjoys playing support gigs, such as her previous tour with the Weeknd and Banks. She also supported M.I.A. on her tour for her debut album Arular in 2005 and 2006. She explained that her versatility came out of being a good listener. “I understand a lot of audiences and what they react to,” she said.

Lunoe has been making music professionally since 2009. Her experience and talent were well known in Sydney, Australia, where she hosted a community radio show called FBi radio. The station was a way to experiment, meet artists and showcase rising musicians such as Cut Copy and Flume. Though she built a solid reputation there, she moved to Los Angeles in 2012, citing opportunities to play to a wider range of audiences.

Lunoe has chosen her city well. “I felt really confident and felt that if I got the opportunity, that I could do a good job of it,” she said. Indeed, she wows with her performance and allows for a good time to be had by all in attendance.

The young artist possesses a certain coolness and party beach-town attitude that translates to her music and stage presence. She was fist-pumping and taking photos with fans during her set, and she even came out to talk to people on her break.

In the video for her single “All Out” released last year, Lunoe dances among Chris Burden’s Urban Light installation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and hits a beach ball around while bouncing in mirrored sunglasses. The song is one her simplest but also catchiest, with a groovy dance vibe that has easily lent itself to remixes.

The track also features vocals from Lunoe: Her roles as singer and songwriter sharpen her style and add to her already impressive titles of DJ, producer, pianist and bassist. For her most recent release, she sings on a more in-your-face electro track, “Pusher,” by Sleepy Tom. Only a week or so after the track was released, Phil Taggart, on his BBC Radio 1 show, called it “one of the biggest club tracks that I’ve heard in 2015. … I wanna repeat this for the next 40 minutes.”

Though Lunoe doesn’t sing during her live shows, she is exploring the idea of doing so in the future. Right now, she’s continuing her focus on sampling songs that crowds may have overlooked. Her Spotify playlists and her podcast, “Luney Tunes” (which can be found on SoundCloud) are the best ways to listen to both her releases and her recommendations.

The response at Audio SF showed that she is no longer a transplant. She has a distinct and growing fanbase and doesn’t need to be a supporting act. Her festival set at Coachella was buzzed about especially, and it’s clear that Lunoe is on the rise.

The Ship2Ship tour ended Saturday in Los Angeles, but Lunoe has a busy schedule ahead of her. She plans for more international touring and will release an EP later on this year.

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