Phishing scam targets Anthem customers who may have been affected by earlier breach

Rachael Garner/File

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Fraudulent emails were circulating in the wake of a data breach announced by health insurer Anthem, Inc. last week, according to a message sent out by a campus spokesperson Monday.

A campus-wide email sent Monday said a phishing scam was circulating as a result of the cyber attack earlier in the week. The scam, which uses Anthem’s logo, includes an offer to sign up for a year of credit card protection. According to Anthem, there is no indication that the scam email campaigns are conducted by those who committed the original attack.

Hackers infiltrated a database containing 80 million people’s personal information Thursday. Vulnerable information accessed included victims’ names, birthdays, Social Security numbers, street addresses, email addresses, employment information and income data.

Currently, Anthem is the network provider and claims administrator for UC SHIP, an insurance plan in place at seven UC campuses. UC Berkeley separated from the plan in 2013 and switched to Aetna, and UC Berkeley employees no longer have Anthem Blue Cross network health insurance as of Jan. 1, 2014, according to UC spokesperson Brooke Converse.

There is still not enough information to determine if UC Berkeley students and employees previously insured with UC SHIP will be affected by the breach, said Darrel Ng, Anthem Blue Cross spokesperson.

A UC press release said that according to Anthem, there is no indication that any UC employees’, retirees’ or students’ personal information have been misused. Additionally, there is no evidence that confidential health information was accessed in the attack.

Ng said the company will start providing free credit monitoring services for impacted members starting next week.

Campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore confirmed that Anthem will contact victims of the hack by postal mail once the investigation is complete, and according to campus privacy officer Lisa Ho, the company will not contact affected clients by email or phone. Anthem has also created a website in response to the attack.

The California Department of Insurance, under the direction of commissioner Dave Jones, began a conduct examination of Anthem Blue Cross of California, and joined other insurance regulators in a national investigation regarding the data breach. The goal of the investigation, Jones said in a press release, is to determine Anthem’s vulnerabilities and if the company responded appropriately to the hack.

“The Anthem breach underscores that it is critical that companies continually evaluate and upgrade their protection for consumer data,” he said.

According to Jones’ press secretary Nancy Kincaid, no new information from the examination is currently available.

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