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Your favorite study spots ranked by productivity

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FEBRUARY 18, 2015

As the freshest wave of midterm season begins to dawn on us, we’re hard-pressed to increase our productivity to unprecedented levels. We have so much to do, and quickly! That’s why we at The Clog have ranked your go-to study spots by productivity so you know where to best spend your time working.

4. Your bed


This might be your favorite study spot — this might be your favorite spot, period — but good luck trying to get any studying done here. You might think to yourself, “Oh, what’s the harm in being able to cozy up and relax while I work?” Well, therein lies the problem. Your bed is the coziest spot you frequent, which means that it’ll inevitably shift your thoughts to sweet, sweet sleep. Even if you don’t end up sleeping, you can bet that you’ll sign in to Netflix for a little binge-watching sesh.

3. Memorial Glade


It might be beautiful, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone out there cramming for midterms or cranking out a research paper. The reason? It’s just too damn distracting. It’s tough enough to get anything done around there when the weather is perfect, when people are blasting music, enjoying lunch and tossing around a Frisbee. Don’t even get us started on these gloomy winter months. You may very well have to trudge through a blanket of sludgy mud or drown under a heavy downpour. No, thank you!

2. Cafes

fsm cafe

We love cafes because they make the perfect settings for group projects. While at one, there’s a low chance that they’ll lead to the spontaneous kickbacks that would happen at your apartment, or that you’ll be shushed harshly for collaborating while at a library. Grab yourselves a few coffees and push together a few tables, and the hum of activity around you will only add to your group synergy. That being said, the coffee shop conversation probably isn’t the best environment for individual work. Which brings us to …

1. The library

doe library

Working at a library is hands-down the best thing that you can do for your productivity levels. Not only does it have a quiet and focused atmosphere, but the productive students around you will also motivate you to buckle down. Nothing makes you work harder than placing yourself in an environment where everyone else is hard at work.

Image Sources: Luke Hoersten

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FEBRUARY 18, 2015