Weekender Picks

The great Eddie Murphy returned to “Saturday Night Live” for the first time in 30 years last week, albeit with an underwhelming performance. After an extraordinarily laudatory introduction from Chris Rock, Murphy walked onstage and simply thanked the audience for their appreciation — no jokes, no impressions. For those expecting more, Norm Macdonald’s Twitter feed has the scoop on what went down that Saturday night.

– Curan Mehra


A futuristic perversion of San Francisco’s traditional fashion week is the third annual Fashion Tech Week: an experience that emphasizes “technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in fashion.” The events are formally geared toward entrepreneurs, “savvy, educated, and creative” San Franciscans and yuppies, et al. Insofar as wearable technology is to 2015 what the iPod mini was to 2004, we expect this festival to offer an interesting glimpse into future interrelations among fashion, design and technology.

— Zoe Kleinfeld