Perks of a long distance relationship

Here at Berkeley, we always hear one friend or another talking about their boyfriend or girlfriend back home. Our first question is always, “Isn’t it hard doing long distance?” You never really think it will happen to you until, well, it does. Picture this: You’re home for summer vacation and you just happen to meet the person of your dreams and become inseparable throughout the next few weeks. Then it’s time to move back to school, and you find that you don’t want to end the relationship and are willing to try the whole long-distance thing. As heartbreaking and sad as it can be at times (most of the time), let’s think about the perks!

1. The time you spend when you’re together is a million times more special. You truly value every second you get to spend with them.

2. Daily phone calls and Skype dates make your day. Realistically, if you lived in the same city you probably wouldn’t be seeing each other every day, but since you’re away and constantly missing each other, you end up having deep conversations more often than not.

3. You get to talk and really hear about each other’s day, no matter how silly it might be. Whether you talk about what you had for breakfast or when you went to the gym or got a haircut, it’s special nonetheless.

4. Weekend visits are like mini-getaways. It’s a nice little vacation when you get to visit them in the city they live in.

5. You each get to do your own thing and balance your time. There is so much going on with school and everything else that comes along with it that it makes it a bit easier to manage your time.

6. You learn how to communicate and be more understanding. When your relationship is reassured by phone calls, you learn to be patient and not just hang up and walk away when something bothers you.

7. Your time together is always that much more anticipated. Whether you spend the whole time sitting on a couch talking or doing everything on your bucket list, you have the greatest day ever.

8. Just hearing the person’s voice can make your day. Their Snapchat selfies break your heart a little bit. Good morning and goodnight texts melt you to your core. And then when you finally see that person, you feel your whole heart sink but this time, in a good way.

9. It teaches you how to be independent while having someone to depend on. You get to be on your own and learn how to deal with not having your significant other to hug you after a long day, yet you know they’re just a quick phone call away.

So next time someone tells you your relationship isn’t going to last and long distance never works, don’t go second guessing your decisions. Of course, it’s not ideal. You can’t meet up for lunch or do homework together — but with loyalty and trust, it’s definitely worth it.

Image Source: Dvortygirl

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