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A guide to college life, by Parks and Recreation

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MARCH 03, 2015

It’s the middle of the semester. Readings are piling up, desktop backgrounds are overflowing with files, midterms are coming at you one after another and to top it all off, the Parks and Recreation series finale was last Tuesday. Your spirits may be low, hope for the future may be lost, but treat yo’ self to a plate of waffles topped with whipped cream and start up DJ Rumba because we at the Clog are taking a trip down memory lane to look at six times the Parks and Rec attitude completely aligned with our college careers.


Got the sniffles? Stomach ache? Headache? Tell those symptoms to every college student’s go-to doctor, Dr. WebMD. Yes, this particular doctor will probably tell you something completely wrong. In fact, it will be the worst-case scenario, but who among us hasn’t considered some truth behind the information genius? Meanwhile, we could just call the Tang Center Advice Nurse at (510) 643-7197 or send her a message online.


So you’re out of meal points, overwhelmed with classes, barely have time to sleep and you’re expected to COOK? Break out the ramen and that freshman … sophomore … junior … maybe even senior 15 is staring you in the face. The sink is full of dishes, and the only tool left is the coffee pot … time to get creative.

www.reddit.com So that ramen idea didn’t go so well, huh? At least there’s always cereal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not have it for every meal? And when your parents call to ask if you’ve been taking care of yourself and eating well, you wouldn’t be lying to them because Tony the Tiger, Trix Rabbit, Cap’n Crunch and Lucky the Leprechaun are always there for you. Maybe you even consider them your “workplace proximity acquaintances.”



In the midst of all the stress and chaos on campus, you come to realize that a good meal is one of the only things that brings you peace. It’s the alone time with that falafel from D’Yar or that burrito from La Burrita that slows life down and makes you appreciate the little things. They also make you appreciate that the semester is halfway over, and you will soon have something even better — a real home-cooked meal.


You’re starting to act like April, and everyone around you gets on your nerves. Ultimately, you’re just trying to find your place in the world, and you’re beginning to have worries and second thoughts about your choices. Did I choose the right major? Am I on track? Should I already have an internship? We have to realize that everyone is in a similar situation. Even someone who seems to have a clear life path could completely change his/her mind. You can do it!


That “awe moment” in class when you realize how brilliant your professor actually is. This is the time to learn. Appreciate the resources that college provides you, especially the professors who truly care about their students and love what they do. They are there to help, and believe it or not, they were in your position once too.

So that’s it. Parks and Rec will now only grace us through streaming and reruns. But fear not, its impact will continue, just like Li’l Sebastian’s, and Pawnee will forever be in our hearts.

In the words of Leslie Knope, “Go find your team and get to work.”

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MARCH 05, 2015